Chris Poulin Appointed As CTO And Head Of AI By SingularityDAO

SingularityDAO, the Decentralized finance (DeFi) portfolio manager, has recently appointed Chris Poulin, the research scientist as its new CTO (chief technology officer) as well as the head of artificial intelligence, highlighting the company’s ambition for AI-powered investment solutions. In this newly assigned role, Chris Poulin will need to develop SingularityDAO’s DynaSets. It is an artificial intelligence-powered system for creating a curated basket of all cryptocurrency investments.

The description of his job also covers the development of new AI-enabled products for the DeFi sector. Before joining SingularityDAO, Poulin who was trained at MIT worked for 13 years as a Managing Partner at Patterns and Predictions. It is a Boston-based predictive analytics company. Furthermore, he also worked as a Senior Director of Machine Learning and Data Science at Microsoft.

At present, DeFi has emerged as a major use case for blockchain technology. However, its proponents say that the future iterations of the DeFi protocols are likely to include many more automation features. It includes user scoring, AI-managed derivative products, and AI-mitigated risk management solutions. Artificial intelligence is also seen as a potentially valuable tool for automated market makers, DeFi, and also insurance. DeFi continues to attract success-minded investors looking to generate passive income from their cryptocurrency holdings. Investors are also interested in using DeFi early on, so its potential is being quickly assessed.

According to CoinMarketCap, the DeFi industry has a total market capitalization of approximately $116 billion. The DeFi market recently set another major milestone after the total locked value or TVL, of the industry, hit a new high. Industry sources estimated a TVL at about $160 billion on Monday which is slightly above this year’s peak in May. It was recently reported that the DeFi protocol Benqi has reached $1 billion in TVL in less than a week after its launch. This milestone was reached much faster than other flagship DeFi projects launched last year.

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