Citizens Of El Salvador Will Receive Bitcoin Worth $30

Every individual in El Salvador will get bitcoin worth $30 in a condition of downloading the government crypto exchange application

El Salvador is now approaching towards a digital revolution by enforcing its citizens to invest and research in digital currencies for future gains.
Citizens of El Salvador will get $30 worth of bitcoins if they download the government crypto exchange app. Chivo is the app’s name. The app is endorsed by the president of the country himself.

Here’s the video….

The Chivo app, El Salvador’s new Governmental crypto wallet.

The North American nations are doing a great job in revolutionising the mode of exchange and transfer of physical money changing it with digital currencies.

After a long procedure with lots of criticism, El Salvador’s President “Nayib Bukele” passes the bill of Bitcoin as a legal tender to make it an official currency in the country.

In addition, the conception of legalising the bitcoin in the country is to make a stable money payment. Bukele said that “One of the reasons we passed the Bitcoin law is precisely to help people who send remittances.” El Salvador majorly relies on money sent back from workers sitting abroad. Virtual currencies will give them an upper hand to do so.

While El Salvador made history, influenced by its counterpart, Paraguay also proposed a bill to legalise bitcoin tender.

Everyone appreciated the decision and posts their valuable opinions on Twitter.

CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao couldn’t control his fingers to share his dope statement on this Governmental airdrop.

World’s leading crypto exchange Binance separately aware people of the news.

Bitcoin prices hiked by 5 per cent from the previous value after the market crash, the two positive news(El Salvador’s bitcoin airdrop and Paraguay to legalise bitcoin as legal tender) added a bit of relief to the heart of investors who lost their money in the market crash and hodling their portfolios.

Rumours and scams:

While everything settled for good, Rumors followed the same. People started murmuring that dollar will be discarded for payments and exchanges and only bitcoin will be accepted for all the transactions.

Clearing which president Bukele said that “Wages and pensions will continue to be deposited in dollars. There has been a bit of dirty campaign on the issue that wages are going to be paid, or pensions will be paid in bitcoin. This is not the case.”

Scammers broadcasted fake live session of Elon Musk after SNL, asking people to send doge coin into their address after which they will send back double of it. $10 million of scam was busted later/ Via

A lot of scams have been hovering around to make the market down and to eat away investors money. Scammers distribute fake news from various social media. They go live on youtube with fake thumbnails and captions making thousands of people fall into their bear trap.

Be cautious and research before trusting the news you get from others. Stay connected for more twitter talks and news.

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