Resardis Airdrop For Crypto Enthusiasts!


What is resardis?

Resardis is essentially a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, shortly known as DEX. Resardis claims to provide “a safe and user-friendly trading experience to cryptocurrency investors.” It is built on a side-chain technology. This integrates more than one blockchain network, having independent features but forming a seamless multi-operational network.

The Resardis platform uses the Resardis coin to conduct the trading. The coin has been developed by Resardis network itself. Resardis has also assured that only cryptocurrencies will be listed on the exchange, no fiat currencies will be present.

resardis airdrop
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What do you need to know about the Resardis airdrop?

The Resardis network is planning to airdrop 1.5 million RSD coins to a number of participants. The aim of the airdrop is to create a Resardis community. With the completion of this airdrop, the Resardis coin will officially come into existence.

The participants must complete a few tasks in order to be eligible to receive the rewards. The interested users must fill out a form, stating their Ethereum address and referrals, if any.

Referrals can provide more airdrop rewards to participants.

What are the benefits of participating in this airdrop?

The Resardis coin has all the great features of a proper decentralized currency, and more!

The resardis token holders have the power to vote on proposals to make changes on the Resardis DEX.

That is, the people holding the coins can vote on changes such as commission percentage, implementing scaling solutions and future airdrops. The company has also said that the commission fees could be paid with the resardis coin in the future.

Moreover, like any other cryptocurrency, this coin is completely decentralized. The users are the sole owners of their assets and the exchange has no control over them. No information is stored on the exchange servers, preventing hackers or third-parties from stealing or accessing anything.

The network which holds the coin also provides complete privacy. The network never asks for personal information or credentials. It is merely a link between the buyers and sellers to perform a trade. Both buyers and sellers can trade with each other anonymously.

The network is very safe and secure since it does not store any personal information. The wallet addresses and keys are only known to the users and not to the exchange. Even if hackers access the exchange, there would be no information to steal.

Lastly, the network is actually built on a side-chain technology of the Ethereum blockchain. Thus, it has the same security level of Ethereum and the transaction speed is also quick owing to the developed nature of the Ethereum blockchain.

In conclusion, participating in this airdrop could prove very useful to the winners as the coin has many upsides with little risks.The Resardis coin could develop further in the future and hopefully become a stable asset to invest and trade in.

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