CleanSpark Using 20 MW Immersion Cooling Technique To Mine Bitcoin More Efficiently


  • At a site in Norcross, Georgia, a 20 MW immersion-cooling solution have been built
  • According to the firm, 5940 fully immersed Antminer S19j Pro machines, or around 600 PH/s overall, are expected to enhance efficiency by 20% or more.
  • Liquid is completely biodegradable and harmless.

The purchase of immersion cooling equipment for its Norcross bitcoin mining plant announced on Friday.

Installation will begin immediately, with the first 8 MW slated to be operational in February.

According to industry standards and the manufacturer, the new data center’s immersion cooling system will enhance bitcoin mining efficiency by 20% or more.

It is also projects to save operating costs, boosting CleanSpark’s competitive advantage, which stems from the company’s energy technology foundation.

Liquid immersion cooling, in which the computers are completely submerged in a specific cooling liquid. Results shows that it considerably boost the hashrate of bitcoin mining equipment.

Generally reduce power consumption, and lengthen the machines’ life—all while maximising financial gains.

A datacenter equipped with this technology does not need to be re-outfitted on a regular basis. It Increases the efficiency of a huge mining operation and lowering operational costs.

CleanSpark Using Antminer S19j Pro Machines

This strategy contrasts with air-cooled data centres, which are the current industry norm, and require regular cleaning or replacement of the machine or filters due to the constant flow of air carrying minute particulate matter like dust and pollen.

The 20 MW project will be finished when 180 liquid-filled tanks with 33 Antminer S19j Pro machines—the newest generation of bitcoin miners on the market—fully immersed in a proprietary cooling liquid are completed.

The liquid is a biodegradable and harmless synthetic hydrocarbon compound with no electrical conductivity.

Executive Chairman of CleanSpark Matthew Schultz wrote in a Tweet that the company is utilising all of the technology available.

CleanSpark’s Executive Chairman, Matthew Schultz, remarked, “This project improves our portfolio of energy efficient solutions by adding to the engineering tools at our disposal.”

In August, CleanSpark purchased the Norcross, Georgia location. The company stated in September that it expects to invest approximately $145 million in capital and human resources at the facility over the next five years.

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