Coinbase Users Can Borrow Upto $1M By Their Bitcoin Collateral

Customers can now borrow up to $1 million from Coinbase using bitcoin as security. The company costs an annual percentage rate of 8%, and there is no credit check.

Coinbase said on November 3 that select users would be able to borrow up to $1 million from the exchange.

“Big news for the #BTC set …We’re excited to announce that eligible customers can now borrow up to $1 Million USD from Coinbase,” Coinbase tweeted.

According to its website, the new feature features no fees or credit checks, only a low APR (annual percentage rate) of 8%.


The borrowed funds can be deposited into your PayPal account or sent to your bank account via ACH. Customers can borrow up to $1,000,000.00, or 40% of the value of the Bitcoin in their account. “All you have to do each month is pay the interest due ($10 minimum).”

When you’re ready, pay off the balance. Coinbase will keep the Bitcoin you use as collateral safe. According to the website, “it is not loaned out or utilised for any other reason.”

“Congratulations. One small step for Coinbase, one giant leap for #Bitcoin,” Microstrategy co-founder Michael Saylor tweeted. He further added, “Now you never have to sell your Bitcoin.”

However, Dogecoin founder Billy Markus, who made a caustic remark about what may go wrong, was a sceptic of the idea.

When asked by investing expert Anthony Pompliano which American politician would be the first to accept Bitcoin as payment, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez stepped forward and sought for advice.

The crypto platform has been rapidly diversifying its offers. It recently announced that in late 2021, it would create an NFT marketplace. Within 24 hours, it had a million signups on its waiting list.

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