Cold wallets and why should I buy them?

Cryptocurrencies are getting popular and have been increasing in value at a steady pace. With the increasing popularity of cryptos, a method of safe storage is needed. If you’ve heard about crypto storage you might be familiar with Cold wallets. The question now is ‘what are Cold wallets and why should I buy them?’. In this article, we’ll learn about Cold Wallets and why you need to buy one.

All about Cold Wallet

In simple terms, a cold wallet is a wallet that is disconnected from the web. The keys in those wallets cannot be accessed from the internet, hence, are safe. Additionally, the risk of theft is eliminated and makes it more secure.

Cold wallets are not connected to the web, hence, they’re referred to as offline wallets. These kinds of wallets are sometimes, also called hardware wallets. A hardware wallet resembles a USB flash drive device, stores the private keys securely in it.

How do cold wallets work?

Cold wallets usually have accompanying software that allows a person to access their portfolio without exposing the private key. The private key and the user’s address is stored remotely and is disconnected from the web.

There’s a variant of a cold wallet, called the paper wallet where keys are printed out. They can be in text form or in the forms of QR codes which are then scanned to view the portfolio.

Shall I buy Cold Wallets?

The Cryptocurrency world is really popular among thieves and scammers. One must take special precautions to avoid getting scammed. Hot wallets are accessible and easy to use but are not as safe as cold wallets. Hot wallets are provided by companies which store all their data on a private server. Their server, if hacked, can cause a lot of issues and can potentially expose your private keys. When someone’s private keys are leaked a the person that has the key can steal their money.

On the contrary cold wallets are secure as nobody can access the private keys from them. Even when a cold wallet is directly connected to the computer, it can’t access the keys. Cold wallets are so secure that you can connect your Cold Wallet with a computer that might have malware and it won’t create any problems.

When is the right time to buy Cold wallets

A cold wallet in case of paper wallets will cost close to nothing. However, they’re really difficult to use. Other options fair far better in ease of use. Hardware wallets can be plugged in and used easily.

The concern here is the cost of the cold wallet itself. A decent Hardware wallet will cost around $50. This won’t be an issue if the size of investment is large and safety is important. However, when the portfolio doesn’t have much money, spending $50 sounds a bit too much.

A cold wallet is a recommendation for safety reasons but budget constraints might not allow some to buy them. A cold wallet is advisable for sums above $300. Also, if a person invests frequently or thinking about creating a crypto portfolio, a Cold wallet is a must-have.


Hope this article taught you about Cold Wallet and why they’re so important for Crypto security.

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