Couple made almost $120,000 in less than 6 hours selling NFTs

Couple made almost $120,000 in less than 6 hours selling NFTs. Let us dig deeper and find out more deadly about how they managed to do it.


NFTs are ruling the Crypto world now. 2021 saw a huge spike in NFT popularity. Many celebrities are now proud owners of these NFTs. NFT collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club or BAYT is now the new equivalent of Collectible art. However, NFTs are usually linked to being expensive and costing a lot of money. Well in this story, that we’re about to discuss, NFT came as a saviour for this American couple.


A couple residing in Atlanta, Georgia were facing the ill effects of Job loss due to the ongoing job crisis. Thorne Melcher, a software engineer by profession lost her job in February 2021. Her partner, Mandy Musselwhite, an artist by profession was struggling to sell her art at a reasonable amount to support the couple.

Thorne Melcher and Mandy Musselwhite

Quickly, the couple’s savings were exhausted. The couple’s mortgage payments were overdue, and there was a risk of foreclosure of their home.

This is when the couple had the idea to launch their own NFT collection. The couple combining their skills as a coder and an artist created an NFT collection of 10,000 cartoon ducks, the ‘Dastardly Ducks’.

Beyond Expectations

The expectations were not that high, however, what happened next surprised the couple. In the matter of hours, the couple made a staggering $120 thousands. Business Insider reports the news of the NFT sale, where the couple sold NFTs worth $120,000 in less than 6 hours.

The couple were surprised and pleased with this sale. They then paid a sum of $40,000 to save their home from foreclosure and got their adobe back.

Popular news agency, CNBC interviewed Melcher, who said “We saved our farm by selling cartoon ducks. It was like a fever dream.”

Quick development

The couple launched their NFT project in January. These ducks will have a total of 100 unique traits. The inspiration for these ducks was the couple’s hobby of raising ducks. In the couple’s $300,000 farmhouse, there are many animals including ducks, which gave the couple the inspiration to make NFTs based on ducks. The couple now has plans to send these ducks to the Metaverse.

Melcher, using her skills as a software engineer, quickly learnt the Solidity Programming language to mint these NFTs. The Solidity Programming language is needed to mint NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The couple are really thankful to the friend that covered the fee for posting the NFT on OpenSea.


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