COVID-19 Vaccine Fraud is Prevented by a Mexican Healthcare Company Using Blockchain.

MDS Mexico, a healthcare company located in Mexico, has launched a COVID-19 testing service that will use blockchain technology to guarantee the validity of vaccination certificates. According to MDS Mexico, with fraudulent vaccine certificates being used to evade quarantine (and because of the stigma associated with covid), having a reliable certification of a person’s immunization status is becoming increasingly vital. The firm provides both fast test apps and interpretation services, as well as home-based PCR swab testing, with the findings cryptographically certified for authenticity.

The findings are given physically within 24 hours of the test, much like with quick testing and PCR tests, with a QR code that may be scanned to access the person’s immunization history. According to a CoinTelegragh article, the digitally transmitted results are supported by blockchain technology, which ensures the findings’ validity.

MDS adds a unique hash to each test result and creates a QR code that leads to a digital certificate containing the person’s personal information. These details include the patient’s name, the test results, the physician who performed the test, and the date the test was performed.

Mexico is also one of the first countries in Latin America to use blockchain technology. For example, the municipal Congress of Quintana Roo in Cancun has already experimented with using the Avalanche blockchain to digitize citizen data by public administration.

In terms of worldwide acceptance of the digital ledger in medical management, numerous institutional, administrative, and technological hurdles have hampered its implementation. However, with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the necessity for a secure and decentralized method of storing sensitive data became urgent.

Observation of vaccination status, contact tracking, and the issue of COVID-19 health certificates all required a digital solution, and blockchain emerged as the most suitable option.

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