Crypto Offerings Increased By 400%, Says LinkedIn

In the United States, job postings for people with domain knowledge and skill in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain increased by 395 percent in 2021, more than fivefold since 2020. According to a recent report by Linkedin, employment demand in the broad technology industry expanded by just 98 percent.

The most common phrases used in job descriptions and titles were bitcoins, ethereum, blockchain, or cryptocurrency, with the San Francisco Bay region, Austin, Texas, New York City, Miami-Fort Lauderdale, & Denver appearing as the top cities having the most crypto-related job posts in 2021. This is a significant departure from the locations mentioned in 2020, which held the majority of cryptocurrency-related opportunities. San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill in North Carolina, Greater Philadelphia, & Los Angeles were among them.

A Little Statistics

While blockchain designers and engineers were in high demand, with software and finance leading the way, accounting, consultancy, staffing, or computer hardware development specialists were also in high demand. The number of job advertising relating to the digital asset market increased in 2021, according to LinkedIn, a renowned professional social networking site.

According to LinkedIn, searches for “bitcoin,” “blockchain,” “Ethereum,” as well as other phrases increased 395 percent between 2020 and 2021. In instance, over the same time period, “the larger IT world experienced a 98 percent surge in listings.” “While the majority of the job listings were in the software and financial areas, demand for crypto expertise is also increasing in other businesses. Professional services like as accountancy and consulting, as well as the staffing and computer hardware industries, are among them “LinkedIn News made the announcement in a blog post.

The hiring surge in the technology platform ecosystem has been extensively reported by The Block. A movement in talent from conventional skill circles to crypto is fueling the activity. According to a study of 27 crypto enterprises, headcount increased by more than 8,400 workers in the previous year, with each company employing an average of more than 300 individuals. Exchanges and investment-oriented enterprises led the pack, as expected.

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