Crypto Kingpins Jack Dorsey & Elon Musk Talked Over Twitter Highlighting Bitcoin.

Two major whales of the cryptocurrency market Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk discussed “Bitcoin’s July event” over Twitter.

The chief executive of Tesla “Elon Musk” and the chief executive of Twitter “Jack Dorsey” both are hyperactive on Twitter. They don’t miss any chance of posting something publicly on Twitter to hype the topic.

On this Friday, both cunningly chatted over Twitter and agreed to discuss the outlook of the world’s first crypto at an event that is going to happen next month.

The exchange is promoting a conference known as “The B Word,” which is characterised as an educational endeavour aimed at increasing acceptance and raising knowledge of bitcoin and other crypto-assets.

Musk responded to Dorsey’s tweet promoting the online event on Friday, and the two billionaires, who have previously expressed opposing views on the future of bitcoin and bitcoin mining, agreed to meet.
But, it’s still not confirmed that the arrangement will happen in a physical meeting or virtually on the web.
Here’s the tweet

Replying which Dorsey said,

The CEO of The ARKinvest “Cathie Wood” also included herself in this global march and appreciated both Musk and Dorsey for taking up a step ahead to develop Bitcoin and Cryptos more effectively.

While it is still not confirmed that whether Wood going to join the meeting with the two giants or not but it looks that she is happy about the event. The online “B-Word” event will be organised on July 21, and it is co-sponsored by ARK invest.

So, What’s B Word?

Let’s have a look.


According to its website, “The B Word is a Bitcoin-focused campaign aimed at demystifying and destigmatizing mainstream narratives about Bitcoin, explaining how institutions can and should embrace it, and raising awareness around regions of the network that need support.”

From the past month, the crypto market has fallen tremendously and to counter this, various awareness programs have been arranged to make people sure about the virtual assets and their capability to acquire futuristic money handling.
Bitcoin dumped to $30000 for the first time since January after reaching its all-time high of $64000.

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