Crypto Space Expands To Digital Advertising!


What is AdEx Network?

The AdEx network is a platform that enables its users to publish advertisements at a negligible charge. Thus, the crypto space expands to digital advertising. It aims to provide a display ad network for reduced ad fraud and increased user privacy. The network brings full transparency to the world of digital advertisement while protecting users’ privacy to the best of their abilities.

The network also allows users to display their ads without needing an intermediary. Thus, the users save money by not having to pay any intermediary fees. Decentralization is the main feature of the platform just like cryptocurrencies. Users have complete autonomy over the nature and quality of their advertisements. The AdEx network uses the AdEx token to conduct its operations as a network.

The token holders can make payments with the ADX token. Token holders receive extra benefits from the network such as concessions, discount on fees and extra publicity.

crypto space to digital advertising
Source: Adex network

What do you need to know about the airdrop?

The AdEx network has partnered up with CoinMarketCap to host an airdrop. The network will be airdropping approximately 30,000 ADX coins to 300 lucky participants. According to the current market value of the coin, the total prize pool worth of ADX coins amounts to $15,000. The airdrop will be held from July 26, 2021 to July 31, 2021. That is, it will commence in 14 hours.

The network has launched the airdrop at the perfect time. The AdEx platform invented the ADX coin three years back in 2017. Thus, the coin will receive early publicity with the help of this airdrop and the word-of-mouth.

The participants must follow some tasks in order to be eligible for the event. As usual, the participants must follow and promote the social media accounts of the hosts. Moreover, they must join their communities on public platforms such as Telegram. Finally, they must provide their wallet addresses to the network so as to receive the coins if they win.

The AdEx network will announce the list of winners on August 6, 2021. The airdrop token will be credited to the respective wallets by August 10, 2021. The platform will ensure fair distribution of the tokens by providing the winnings in proportion to each other.

The network has officially declared this airdrop through their twitter account.

What are the benefits of the airdrop?

This event is highly beneficial for the winners, advertisers in particular. The token holders receive additional benefits as mentioned above. They receive concessions on posting advertisements on the website and autonomy.

Coming to the fundamentals of the coin, the future looks bright. The coin has been designed to be a hedge against inflation. The total market supply of the coin is capped at 150,000,000. The coin is trading at $0.54, thus having the potential to grow exponentially. Moreover, the market capitalization has risen 26% in a single day itself, showing the excess demand in the market. The bullish volumes have grown 95.46% in a day. The bulls are completely taking charge of the market and driving the prices upwards.

benefits of digital advertising
Source: Publish0x

If the participants win the airdrop, they can experience huge gains if and when the coin grows in value. Moreover, they can stake their winnings on the platform so as to earn interest annually.

The coin is listed on leading exchanges such as Binance, Uniswap and Huobi Global. Thus, it has huge potential and can gain more and more attention from industrial as well as retail investors.

Crypto enthusiasts are recommended to take part in this airdrop so as to capitalize on an excellent opportunity.

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