CryptoSnoos: A New NFT Project By Reddit

Along with some other social media platforms and brands, even Reddit has now started to jump in on the NFTs. It has revealed a new type of Avatar named CryptoSnoos that are one-of-a-kind NFTs built on Ethereum. Reddit has recently teamed up with the Ethereum Foundation. This step was taken so that the Reddit team can offer its own coin called the Moons to the crypto section.


Three unique CryptoSnoos – Original Block, Snooprematic, and Helium – were previously minted and put up for auction on the OpenSea platform. These CryptoSnoos are bucketed within three different types of rarities. They are Rare (limited edition), Legendary (one of a kind), and Epic (extremely limited edition). On the OpenSea platform, all the three initial Snoos are legendary. The name CryptoSnoos was inspired by Reddit’s mascot, “Snoo”.

Currently, Reddit is thinking about how they can integrate CryptoSnoos onto the platform. In the beginning, they decided that CryptoSnoos will give its users an avatar glow animation, and the NFT card that they will be having will take the place of their profile Avatar. Besides, users will easily be able to see all the CryptoSnoo stats on the back of their card.

This platform describes all the NFTs in a very unique way. They say these NFTs are the pieces of art all belonging from different dimensional coordinates across space-time. It is a fusion of the past and the present. High-culture aesthetics are mixed with the popularity of cartoons – futuristic folk, fragmented, impressionistic, and abstracted, post-modern and pre-modern, and also enlightened.

Crypto And Reddit

Crypto is not a new thing for social media sites. Subreddit r/cryptocurrency has over 1 million subscribers and is one of the most active communities in crypto online. Additionally, it ranks in the top 500 most subscribed subreddits on the website. In addition to the previously mentioned native crypto, Moons, the platform even has delivered Ethereum based tokens to the Fortnight subreddit r/FortnightBR.

Reddit, with CryptoSnoos, is now moving forward towards establishing crypto into several larger operations such as profile integration. Good thing is, the owners of CryptoSnoos can sell, transfer and hold them just like any other NFT. This means that they don’t have to apply themselves on their Reddit accounts if they don’t wish to.

CryptoSnoos by Reddit is hosted on IPES. They are based on ERC-721 contracts in Ethereum. NFT experience for users has not been optimized for mobile yet, so CryptoSnoos is supported only on the desktop edition. Moreover, clues are revolving around when these CryptoSnoos will be issued. Most probably, they will auction the first three CryptoSnoos on the 1st of July this year.

Everyone is eagerly waiting to see how Reddit’s initiative to venture its platform into a broader crypto-based operation will turn out. However, without a doubt, it is a very interesting experiment that they are following as compared to the other social media platforms that are just sitting by the sidelines and watching. 

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