DeFi Arabic Cash Goes To First Exchange At Just $1!

The Arabic Cash project has been working on its development for almost about 6 months now. They have also been working on Private Trading for several months. The project has proved its serious intentions and development prospects. It is the first independent DeFi. It is created to support the global blockchain strategy for 2021 (United Arab Emirates).

Extra Round To $1

The ABIC token (BSC BEP20) will be fully launched at the end of July. After that 35.6% per year staking will be available along with trading to six crypto pairs on Arabic Cash’s main website and also trading on PancakeSwap. The next step after this is to create your DEX exchange. Then the introduction of DeFi on the loan system will be conducted. This project closed all of the three rounds of its private sale with a surplus of its plan. The Arabic Cash project closed this private sale way ahead of their schedule on the 25th of June and it also announced the commencement of an extra round. This is where the price of the ABIC token will be growing rapidly. In the next half of July month, this project will be listed as the first exchange with a price tag of just $1.

The right decision was made. All credits to the open voting of the project community. There were only 34% of people who were in favor of the early closure of the public sale as well as the release of the ABIC token for trading with the lowest price possible. On the other hand, the remaining 66% of people voted for a starting bidding price of $1. They also voted for an extra round and this was the minimum requirement to achieve the goal. Soon it was known to everyone that the extra round would consist of several different phases. This will sharply raise the price to $1. Currently, the first phase lasts where the token is fixed at the price of 18 cents.

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The creators of the Arabic Cash project have assured the people that along with the funds that were collected at the private sale stage, additional funds will also be poured into this project’s liquidity pool from the founders of this project themselves. Remember that in the United Arab Emirates, founders are considered as the association of large real estate companies.

It seems that this is where the Arab maximalism reveals itself when the price is increased right away by ten times from the presale. In the past, a few have done this thing but let us look at the most prominent example right now – Pancake Swap. Here, the picture is a dream world for the platform. On the first day of trading itself, the price of the token was increased by $1. Just one day after that, there was a 60% collapse in the price. Then yet again after 12 days, the CAKE token leveled off to $1.

Now, after another four months, the token’s price crossed over $15. This instability in price is against the backdrop of the falling global trend in BTC. Currently, the Arabic Cash community is keeping a confident attitude towards HODL. Almost half of the holders in this community are expecting $5 and 35% of holders are ready to prepare to invest in the ABIC in staking 35.6% more than a year.

If you want to purchase ABIC tokens you can visit the official website. You can also join the telegram community through the Arabic Cash telegram link.

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