DeFine And Sandbox Gaming: First E-Sports Based NFT In Asia Issued

The NFT Platform DeFine has announced recently to issue its first e-sports based NFT in Asia in coordination with Sandbox gaming. Sandbox gaming is a Korean e-sports organization that has the world’s leading professional gamers. Park Insoo is one of the world’s most amazing “Crazyracing Kartrider” pro-gamers. This NFT is going to be issued based on this pro-gamer. He has won innumerable championships in the game that includes 7 consecutive wins in the year 2019.

Both DeFine and Sandbox gaming will be holding three auctions on the DeFine platform on the 15th of this month. They will do so to commemorate the victory of Sandbox in “Nexon Kartrider 2021”. Park In-soo played a very important role in this. The auction bidders along with the NFTs will also receive the limited edition NFT of Park’s Pixel-art character. This is the first-ever e-sports NFT auction in Asia. This is why the NFTs from the Sandbox gaming platform represent a significant milestone in the world of NFT. It is because of the huge popularity and market for e-sports in Asia. The existing NFT scenarios will be given a boost with this initiative. It will capture the interest of a lot of e-sport fans in the region. The major focus of this auction will be on the DeFine platform though.

What The Team Says

By that time, the NFT market is focusing on developing into such a stage that will go beyond just selling artworks and illustrations. It has started to sell record moments of specific games like NBA players’ performances or Andy Murray’s winning moment in Wimbledon 2013. DeFine and Sandbox gaming have collaborated over NFTs with the start of this auction. They both now plan to combine different IPs from Korea with NFTs. Korea is a leader in e-sports and it is also a country with the highest number of international e-sports victories.

The general manager of DeFine Korea, Myung-Hoon Kang said, “It is an honor to be able to NFTize the numerous achievements and record moments that Sandbox Gaming’s pro gamers have accumulated in the field of e-sports.” “Through this auction, we will create new market opportunities combining the e-sports field and NFTs.”

Also, the Chief Strategy Officer, In Mo Chung said, “Combing Sandbox’s various IPs with NFT, Sandbox Gaming will not only create new market opportunities but also continue to lead innovation in the e-sports industry.”

Sandbox Gaming

This organization is a Korean e-sports organization. It has the world’s professional leading gamers. Sandbox gaming is South Korea’s multi-channeled network company. Sandbox Networks’ e-sports subsidiary is operating league of legends, FIFA online teams, and Kart Rider currently.


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