Developers from Ex-Activision and Lucasfilm have announced a new open-world game with NFTs.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are becoming more popular in gaming, and MetalCore Foundation, a video game publishing company founded by developers who previously worked at Activision, Disney, Lucas Films, and Midway, among other companies, has released a new open-world game that heavily incorporates NFTs. MetalCore is a multiplayer fighting game that tries to blend traditional gaming principles with GameFi-powered blockchain technology. According to sources, MetalCore will hold its first NFT presale in January 2022, followed by a private alpha for a select group of PC gamers in early 2022.

The game, developed by Studio 369, follows a tried-and-true pattern used by a number of other blockchain games. Players will be able to gather rare weapons, decorative nets, and skins that can be utilized in battle and exchanged for NFTs on the open market in MetalCore. Players will be able to earn in-game awards as well as become virtual landowners, allowing them to mine in-game assets and collect tax income.

A short clip for the game depicts robot-like war machines in an alien world, with avatars controlling these war machines, similar to Titanfall. In addition, the first-look clip shows off some of the in-game things that will most likely be traded for NFTs.

Early investors may anticipate gaming-related collectibles to power virtual economies since GameFi technology is currently among the most sought-after in the crypto ecosphere. GameFi, as its name indicates, is an intersection between decentralized finance (DeFi), non-financial tokens (NFTs), and the gaming business, and it’s garnering a lot of interest from the major gaming guilds because of its most frequent feature, ‘play to earn.’

Axie Infinity and Decentraland are two of the most popular blockchain games right now, and both are powered by GameFi’s ecosystems.

In terms of play-to-earn, Ubisoft recently stated on an earnings call that it plans to deploy a play-to-earn blockchain model in the future. We don’t know if Ubisoft aims to include NFTs into the incentives structure of its existing open-world franchises or create totally new blockchain games.

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