DHedge Leveling Up On Polygon By Integrating With SushiSwap

DHedge is a decentralized asset management protocol. This protocol has recently released its V2 implementation on Polygon. The new platform also integrates into the popular decentralized exchange platform, SushiSwap. Henrik Andersson from DHEDGE talked about the new Guarded Open Access Transaction (GOAT) framework on the V2 platform specifically. This framework enables v2 users to access DeFi’s all the whitelisted DApps from dHEDGE’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Henrik Andersson highlighted the attention on another fact. It is that the GOAT framework will remarkably increase the speed at which dHEDGE initiates new integrations with third-party protocols. He further said:

“It’s like a general framework for us to add support for DApps. Instead of having to build specific plugins or connections to DApps, we can use this framework to whitelist DApps.” 

The first iteration of dHEDGE was launched at the end of 2020, enabling fund managers to speculate only on the assets provided by the Synthetix protocol. Moreover, the V2 platform’s Guarded Open Access Transaction (GOAT) framework also enables these fund managers to approach the assets as well as the services of any Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-based protocol that is exclusively approved by the DHedge DAO. Thus, this allows the asset managers to offer yield farming services for investors. At the beginning of the launch, dHEDGE v2 will support the decentralized exchange platform’s Polygon-based decentralized exchange and yield farms. At the time, the dHEDGE DAO is studying other popular DeFi protocols for possible support. 

What More Did DHedge’s Andersson Said?

Andersson pointed out that DAO dHEDGE is presently seeking to integrate with Aave. Further, he said that the decentralized currency market will allow asset management companies to borrow a wide range of assets for short trading. Also, Henrik Andersson stated that the dHEDGE protocol has plans to release its v2 platform on more EVM-compatible networks considering the fact that Eth2, Optimism, and Arbitrum are potential competitors. Even after the expansion of functions in the protocol, Andersson described lowering the gas price as the main motivation for dHEDGE v2. Besides, indicated the focus towards the high fees associated with transactions and trading through the protocol on Ethereum’s layer-one. 

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