Does Cryptocurrency Have A Future?

The year 2022 has not been kind to any cryptocurrency. Bitcoin saw a down surge of almost 40%. And this created panic in the crypto market, and investors were forced to sell off their crypto holdings. Popular coins like Ethereum and Ripple were also down by 13.5% and 9%.

Many sportsperson and politicians have now been taking a part of their salary in the form of crypto. In a few years, cryptocurrency has become a global phenomenon. But the fall of crypto on the occasion of the New Year has made investors unhappy!

With the current fall in prices, it is impossible to predict the future. It is possible that Bitcoin may reach a new all-time high or it is also possible that Bitcoin worths $0 in the future. Here are the following predictions that can be true about the future of Cryptocurrency.

1. Crypto Becomes Mainstream

Big companies like Apple, Tesla, Marathon Digital, and many more have invested heavily in Bitcoin. And hearing this news I had a thought that if such companies are investing in Bitcoin, there has to be something about it. Bitcoin may hold a future. Other big companies like Starbucks are trying to figure out how cryptocurrency can fit in their business. After Visa-crypto partnerships, the market saw a huge boom. And if such companies are seeing potential in Bitcoin, crypto can become mainstream.

2. More stable coins in the market

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency have gained headlines due to their high volatility. You can become a millionaire or lose it all in a second. And that’s why stable coins like USDT, USDC have been getting popular. Stable coins have stable prices and their value is attached to a fixed asset. We can see many companies accepting Stable cryptocurrency coins as a form of payment. 

3. Crypto rules and regulations

As of now, there are no specific rules and regulations for cryptocurrency in most countries. With the immense popularity of cryptocurrency, governments are working to create tax rules and other regulations for investors. 

2021 was a year of cryptocurrencies. Many become millionaires and even billionaires from investing in them. While many lost all their money. We don’t know for sure what lies ahead in this market. And one should not invest more than 5-10% of their total investments in crypto.

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