“Dogemon Go” An Augmented Reality Game On Mobile, Allow Gamers To Earn Free Dogecoins

Dogemon Go, a mobile augmented reality (AR) game, has been announced by a team of developers in the wake of the dogecoin boom this year. Player’s catch virtual characters called “Dogemons” and earn dogecoin for rewards, similar to the AR game Pokémon Go.

Augmented reality (AR) and the cryptocurrency dogecoin have been combined in a new mobile phone video game (DOGE). A message from Dogemon Go’s official Twitter account last month gave the crypto community a smell of the game.

A new AR mobile game has been released for iOS devices, and an Android version is now being developed, according to the game’s makers.

Visitors to the game are greeted on the project’s website, which also offers a map of the AR playing field.

The game was created by a programmer named Shemie Suarez, according to the Apple App Store application.

The website claims that the game was created by a company called Frozen Limited, and it also includes a video clip for the game.

Here’s the trailer of the dogemon go game.


Some users may be hesitant to play the game because it requires the usage of a Google account, a Facebook account, or the opportunity to use an Apple ID to register.

In order to play Pokémon Go, you’ll need one of these accounts. Once the game is up and running, the player can design their trainer’s avatar.

According to the website dogemongo.com:

Start now and catch your first Dogemon. Combine the playing experience with your favourite Dogemons. Start catching Dogemons today [and] if you’re a great trainer, you can find cryptocurrency as prey among other Dogemons. The Dogemons are waiting for you – start now and catch them all!

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