Earn Upto 300,000 KWS In The Knight War The Holy Trio Airdrop


  • The Knight War The Holy Trio x CoinMarketCap Token Airdrop Campaign for the NFT Marketplace Opening will airdrop 300,000 KWS to 8,000 lucky winners.
  • Knight War The Holy Trio is a fun and easy Play-to-Earn Idle Defense game featuring a well-designed NFT Weapon Crafting System.

What Is Knight War: The Holy Trio?

Knight War The Holy Trio is a fun and straightforward Play-to-Earn Idle Defense game featuring a well-designed NFT Weapon Crafting System.

In comparison to other blockchain games, Knight War The Holy Trio provides a unique experience for players. It’s stunningly simple and effortless to use, allowing you to enjoy the game with minimal screen input.

The Game tells the storey of the War on the beautiful world of Kahlla. After discovering a new source of power that only they can absorb, the Demons, who were once nice and friendly, have reverted to their former ways and wrecked havoc on the country. Humans, Elves, Beasts, and all other species have been brought to the verge of extinction by them. On a combined expedition to find out where the Demons gained their power, humans and Elves discovered a rare material that could increase the solidity of all of their weapons by a factor of ten .Meteor Remnant Essence was the name they gave it, and they decided to share it with all other species. They have finally stood a chance against the Demons after years of futile resistance. The Great Alliance, which represents the unification of all species, was founded with one objective in mind: to restore peace to Kahlla.

KWS or Knight War Spirit is the native utility token of Knight War

 The Holy Trio that is currently used for:

  • Crafting/Minting NFT Weapons
  • Staking to earn more KWS
  • Staking for more benefits in game
  • Used for governance votes to determine how resources are located.

Knight War The Holy Trio Gameplay includes:

  • Singleplayer PvE Mode against The Demons
  • Multiplayer Co-op against World Boss
  • (Upcoming) PvP Arena against other players
  • Lucky Spin, Extra Rewards for spending time in the game

What are Knight War The Holy Trio NFTs?

Unlike other games, Knight War The Holy Trio focuses on the Weapons rather than the Characters.

The weapon NFTs have been meticulously designed. Swords, bows & arrows, and magic staffs are the three types of weapons available in NFT. These weapons can be used by any character class, but the correct wielder will receive additional benefits, such as bonus boosts for Knights wielding swords, Archers wielding bow and arrows, and Mages wielding magic staffs. One unique item will be chosen from a pool of 12 million algorithmically created weapons when an NFT is generated.

These 12 million guns are made up of a small number of original, hand-drawn, one-of-a-kind weapons. The game mechanisms will limit the chances of crafting the same NFT weapon close to zero, ensuring your NFT asset’s rarity and uniqueness.

The game builds on the success of several previous blockchain games while adding a unique twist. Each of your NFT Weapon’s three pieces will have six different qualities, each of which corresponds to a different bonus that the equipped character can receive. Your PvE and PvP lineup will be determined by how these elements interact with one another.

Source: ZyCrypto

How Many KWS Are There in Circulation?

In total, there are just 500 million KWS.

At the Token Generation Event, the game’s initial circulation will be 13,840,000 KWS.

About the airdrop

Knight War the holy trio is dropping 300,000 KWS to 8,000 lucky winners in the Knight War The Holy Trio x CoinMarketCap Token Airdrop Campaign for NFT Marketplace Opening. Here is how you can participate:

Step 1: Goto https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/knight-war/

Step 2: Add Knight War The Holy Trio to your CoinMarketCap Watchlist

Step 3: Follow their Official Twitter: Knight War Official https://twitter.com/knightwarp2e

Step 4: Retweet Knight War The Holy Trio CoinMarketCap Tokens Airdrop Event Tweet and Tag 3 unique friends.

Step 5: Join the Official Telegram group: https://t.me/knightwarplaytowin

Step 6: Join their Discord: https://discord.gg/knightwarp2e

Step 7: Fill in the airdrop form and leave your BEP-20 address. Form will be available on https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/knight-war/ once the event starts.

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