Ekart Inu Started First Of Its Kind Portal In Crypto Market

Ekart has established a platform that allows users to quickly trade in cryptocurrency while also earning additional benefits.

We are pleased to introduce EKART INU by Ekart to you. Ekart Inu will be the first platform to provide a foundation for decentralised finance (Defi). You can buy and even stream trading from anywhere you have an internet connection.

“Ekart Inu will be a currency for the community, by the community. The direct power for the valuation of this will be in the hands of people and communities.”

When it comes to logistics and supply chain management, Ekart has built a reputation for trust and reliability.

They’re starting with an initiative to use cryptocurrency on e-commerce websites. With the same goal in mind, they propose launching an eCommerce portal on the market and accepting Ekart Inu as a form of online payment.

The total sum for Ekart Inu will be 1 quadrillion at first. Burned Tokens will account for 80% of the total. 2 percent of the remaining 20% supply will be used for airdrops and social media contests. Invoice bonuses will account for 6% of the leftover funds. The remaining 12% is divided into four phases.

As per the website, “Ekart Inu will not be just another crypto token; it will be a revolution in the Global Market. A coin whose direct control is in the hands of the community and people. Cryptocurrency is the thing for this and the next generation, and this is the complete trend over the market.”

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