El Salvadorians Protested On New Bitcoin Law

In the vicinity of the beach, some Salvadorans enjoy the new bitcoin tender law established by Nayib Bukele’s dictatorship, while other locals oppose it.

From some of the fluff articles in cryptocurrency periodicals, one might think that all is fine in El Salvador with respect to its new bitcoin law.

According to leaked sources, Nayib Bukele’s government cohorts were planned to launch a stablecoin following the introduction of the new bitcoin tender law.

A tweet confirmed this news

This regulation is unconstitutional, according to a letter Bukele’s dictatorship received from a group named “Popular Resistance and Rebellion Block.”

Many of the same people who oppose the new bitcoin law feel Bukele’s New Ideas Party is in the wrong.

The Popular Resistance and Rebellion Block group emphasised that there was no need for a new constitution. Large businesses, especially those with government ties, are only using bitcoins to launder money they have obtained illegally.

The news caught up the fire in the microblogging site. People messed up the whole matter with their tweets.

While some requested for support.

Another user laughed on the situation and retweeted a spanich tweet which roughly reads “Unstoppable protests in El Salvador against Bitcoin.”

Bitcoin (BTC) won’t be formally recognised until September 7, 2021. Bukele’s New Ideas Party will not be able to successfully execute the law, protesters hope.

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