“Employees Should Start Getting Paid In Bitcoin,” Says Miami Mayor Francis Saurez


  • The mayor of Miami, who is pro-crypto, is pushing for the city to embrace Bitcoin.
  • Miami might become a crypto powerhouse in the United States.
  • Suarez recently retaliated against Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has been working on methods to convert the city into a crypto-hub for the United States.

Suarez stated earlier this year that the city intends to pay government staff in Bitcoin and allow individuals to pay city taxes with the cryptocurrency.

Suarez has already said that the city will present a formal proposal later this month to make those pledges a reality.

Here’s the official video interview taken by Bloomberg.

Miami had previously proposed that the city be allowed to invest in Bitcoin, but Florida law currently prohibits municipal governments from transacting in such a risky asset.

“If we would’ve been able to hold it from the moment that I put the resolution on our agenda, it’d be up by 30 or 40 percent, so I would’ve looked like a genius back then,” he said. “But that’s the way it works,” Saurez told in an interview

Suarez, like other famous cryptocurrency advocates like Elon Musk and El Salvador President Nayib Bukele, is a firm believer in Bitcoin.

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon was recently chastised by Suarez for calling Bitcoin “worthless.”

Suarez remarked that bitcoin is “definitely not worthless,” pointing out how quickly the cryptocurrency’s value has risen in the last year. “Since we last talked about it, it’s gone up dramatically,” Suarez continued.

Grant Stern, founder of Morningside Mortgage Corporation wrote in a tweet su that:

According to current trends, the value of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency has increased by over 94 percent in the last year.

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