EQIFI Introducing EQX – Its Native Token Along With Other DeFi Products

EQIFI, a decentralized protocol for pooled lending, borrowing, and investing for ETH, has recently disclosed that its team will be soon releasing EQX, its native token along with some other DeFi products. The team pans to democratize all the financial products and make them available to everyone rather than just for a group of selected investors. This product offering by EQIFI will greatly help in providing a decentralized finance alternative for traditional financial processes. Moreover, it also opens up a whole new world for investors to invest in. EQIFI will release the new native token, EQX, and other DeFi products in August. After their release, all the investors will have the access to these products.


EQIFI is a decentralized protocol for pooled lending, borrowing, and investing for Ethereum. The users can easily do all these with the help of ETH, ERC-20 tokens, stablecoins, and some select fiat pairs. The platform is powered by a licensed and regulated digital bank. Also, this makes the protocol the only one to partner with a digital bank.

EQIFI as a platform provides its users a very secure, user-friendly, and high-level platform so that they can carry out their DeFi and DeFi-related activities. The team targets to build the largest global offering of DeFi products thus the company provides a lot more products than any other DeFi system.

The EQX Token

The EQX token will have 500,000,000 coins. They will divide it into six parts and will contain 100,000,000 tokens for the EQIFI ecosystem. 125,000,000 tokens will be sold to the community and another 100,000,000 will be used for liquidity mining. The founders and the team will receive 10% of the quotation, which is equivalent to 50,000,000 EQX tokens. Also, the project consultant will receive 5% of the tokens that are 25,000,000 EQX tokens.

Lastly, 100,000,000 EQX tokens are for the reserve. Holders of these tokens can place bets on their EQX tokens and they can earn up to 25% of APY and passive income by owning their EQX tokens. The availability of coins also allows users to control participation in the EQIFI ecosystem. People who hold 800,000 or more EQX tokens can provide control operations in executable files. This will then require votes by the broader community of owners.

EQIFI DeFi Products And Offerings

Investors can get a variety of decentralized finance products from EQIFI. The products include fixed-rate products, variable rate products, interest rate swaps, and a yield aggregator. Investors can access pooled loans but at a fixed interest rate in fixed-rate products. All the users can offer collateral for this pool in ETH, wBTC, stablecoins, and some fiat currencies. They will also be earning interest. It will be automatically set via a smart contract.

On the other hand, Variable-rate products aim at making the market more robust as they feature algorithmic borrow rates. The Interest rate swaps include future contracts where users can exchange one interest flow for another based on a certain amount of principal. At last, the yield aggregator is an automatic aggregator. It simplifies and automates yield farming. This will automatically allocate funds in different liquidity pools and always provide the greatest return. After the release of these products, EQIFI will soon become the world’s leading self-investment platform. If you want to learn more about latest news on DeFi, you can visit our website.

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