Euro Shiba Inu Jumps 25,000 per cent

Euro Shiba Inu Jumps 25,000 per cent! This new coin has made a name out of itself by advancing at such a phenomenal pace.

About the Coin

The Euro iteration of the popular meme coin Shiba Inu has created a new record. The record is leaping 25,000%. This insane figure has never been reached by any other Cryptocurrency ever before.

The coin saw a leap from $0.000000000003 to $0.000000000076 in a matter of hours. This insane figure amounts to more than 25000% gain in 24 hours. The coin however shed its gain soon after.

It’s common in the realm of Cryptocurrencies when new coins pop up and make astronomical gains in a relatively short span. This phenomenal rise is usually followed by a sharp decline in the value of the coin. This is quite easy to spot, however really alluring. These kinds of a sudden surges in value and a Sharp decline in value can be exploited by creators of some coins to execute a scam which is known as the pump and dump scam. This has happened in the past with the infamous Squid Game Coin.

About the coin, Euro Shiba Inu

The coin as the name suggests hails from Europe. This cryptocurrency is based in Spain. The coin has portrayed itself to be an eco-friendly alternative to Shiba Inu. Euro Shiba Inu also aims to help spread awareness about the effects of climate change and positively change people’s lives.

The coin has taken off quite strong and is enjoying its gain as the supreme achiever of the day. Euro Shiba Inu has more than 5000 holders as of now.

Other coins that have made huge gains

Other coins have also taken huge leaps in the past. However, they weren’t as impressive as the impressive 25000% jump. Here we’ll take a look at some huge leaps by some Cryptocurrencies.

Omicron Cryptocurrency

This cryptocurrency is named on the infamous new strain of the SARS-COV-2 virus. Cryptocurrencies were pretty much unknown before the advent of the new strain. However, after the dawn of the new strain, the name omicron shot up in popularity. With the popularity of the name omicron shooting up the unknown Cryptocurrency’s fame. With this newfound fame, this coin saw phenomenal gains. However, after a while, the hype around the coin faded away. The value of the coin also faded along with this hype.

Squid Game coin

Based on the popular web series Squid Game, this coin started as an internet phenomenon. Soon after its advent, many people blindly invested their money in this coin. The coin soon exploded in value and became popular. After this, the creators of this coin pumped out all the money from the Cryptocurrency and crashed the coin. Investors all over the World lost a lot of money.


We talked about the new coin Euro Shiba Inu creating new records with jumps over 25,000 per cent. The coin is young and unknown to give accurate predictions about it. So, there are tons of speculations revolving around it.

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