Europe’s Exchange “Deutsche Börse” Lists VanEck Vectors Tron ETN

The VanEck-issued exchange-traded note (ETN) for TRON, the cryptocurrency invented by Chinese entrepreneur Justin Sun, was listed on Deutsche Börse, Europe’s largest stock exchange, on Monday, the businesses announced.

VanEck’s official announcement stated that the VanEck Vectors TRON ETN (VTRX) has received approval for listing on Deutsche Börse and will begin trading on Xetra on September 21st.

VTRX is likely to be available in 14 EU nations following German approval, clearing the route for access to new markets such as Zurich, Paris, and Amsterdam, allowing for a wider investor base across European markets.

Tron’s official twitter handle “Tron Foundation” tweeted a post regarding the listing stating:

“This report “TRON Crypto ETFs” is written and issued by #TRON Research, mainly including the significance of $TRX ETN listing on @DeutscheBoerse, as well as the analysis of the status quo of #TRON and the grand vision.”

In a series of tweet, CEO of Tron “Justin Sun” cleared all the things from the stock exchange’s history to the listing.

The Deutsche Börse, which was founded in 1585, is Europe’s largest stock exchange. It has been at the forefront of the adoption of digital assets as a new asset class by the industry.

Following in the footsteps of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the successful listing of VTRX is a new testament to TRON’s robust crypto ecosystem and its successful push to expand its worldwide roadmap.

It’s also a huge step forward in TRON’s efforts to stay up with the constantly changing regulatory landscape.

VanEck’s Director of Digital Asset Strategy, Gabor Gurbacs, stated:

“We are excited to launch an ETP on TRX on the heels of its growing network usage and user adoption. ETPs provide high-quality market access, transparency, and robust regulatory frameworks to access digital assets, such as TRX.”

Gurbacs congratulated the tron founder for the new listing.

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