Exodus Launches Unveils Its NFT Marketplace In Collaboration With Magic Eden

Exodus Movement, Inc., a leading non-custodial cryptocurrency platform, today announced the debut of its Non-Fungible Token (“NFT”) Gallery feature, which includes Solana NFTs. This is the first time a native NFT marketplace has been launched in a mobile wallet.

Users can use the NFT Gallery functionality to store, view, send, and receive Solana NFTs without having to leave the app. The Solana NFT ecosystem presently has over 190 projects, with new ones being added on a regular basis, and is noted for its low transaction costs, making it particularly appealing to the user base at all levels. Exodus users now browse, search, filter, buy, and sell NFTs directly from their wallet thanks to a partnership with Magic Eden, a leading Solana NFT marketplace.

Exodus recognises that consumers are increasingly looking for a more straightforward manner to connect with and access their NFTs. Users can now transfer NFTs directly from their browser-native wallets or any other Solana NFT marketplace to their Exodus app using this new capability. Each NFT also has a shareable URL, making it simple and enjoyable to share them on the internet and in messaging apps.

JP Richardson, Exodus’ CEO and co-founder, adds,”We are the first to offer a native, in-app experience of buying and selling NFTs, all powered by Magic Eden. NFTs are an exciting new opportunity and asset class, and we are eager to help our customers streamline buying, selling, and storing their NFTs as this space continues to grow. Our new NFT Gallery aims to make the world of crypto more accessible to all Exodus customers without leaving their wallets.”

Users will need to use SOL when buying or selling NFTs. Exodus has made this procedure easier by allowing users to accept SOL from other wallets, use the in-app exchange, or fund through the FTX market.

Source: Forex Academy

About Exodus

By 2030, Exodus hopes to have empowered half of the globe to leave the established financial system. Exodus is a multi-asset software wallet founded in 2015 that eliminates the need for a techie and prioritises design to make bitcoin and digital assets accessible to everyone. Exodus is a desktop and mobile wallet that allows users to secure, manage, and exchange cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others over an industry-leading 10,000+ asset pairs. Non-custodial functionality is encrypted locally on users’ devices, ensuring privacy, security, and total control over their assets.

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