Famous Bar Anarchist In Brussels Now Accepts Crypto Payments

Crypto payments were first presented in a Brussels bar popular by local anarchists. According to the proprietors, who just remodelled the space, bitcoin is the currency of the future. It is said to be one of the first restaurants in the Belgian capital to confuse money for quarts.

The Dolle Mol cafe-bar in Brussels’ central district, in the heart of Europe, has begun accepting bitcoins as payment for its drinks.

According to its owners, the famed anarchist pub on rue des Éperonniers has become one of the first venues of its sort in the Belgian capital to accept cryptocurrency as a payment option.

A group of young people from Brussels has been renovating the tavern for the past two years.

Grégoire, one of the proprietors, was quoted by the Belgian English-speaking news outlet The Bulletin as saying, “Coffee must evolve with the times.” He explained why the decision to accept digital coin payments was made:

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are the money of the future. We want to give everyone the opportunity to buy a pint with this new payment method.

Although the proprietor confesses that no customers have yet expressed an interest in paying with bitcoins, the service was only recently launched. It will take some time for cryptocurrency users to learn about this.

“We’re just accepting it right now, and most people aren’t aware of it,” Grégoire told the Bulletin. “There’s a sticker on the door that clearly states that, but that’s it. “It reminds me of the Internet in the 1990s,” the entrepreneur continues.

Twitteratis expressed their views on this new crypto acceptance in the cafe-bar. Here are some tweets from users.

The newspaper states in its research that the regulation of cryptocurrencies in Belgium and Brussels is still a bit hazy. Grégoire observes, “I got the idea that there isn’t really a clear and tight regulation.”

As a result, the bar stays straightforward and secure. “If you want to pay for a pint with bitcoin, for example, you can do it quickly using a QR code. “The money will subsequently be transferred to our personal bank account, and we will deposit this amount at the cash register,” the Belgian explained.

In the EU, cryptocurrency payments are not yet regulated. The European Commission passed a digital finance package last year that will shape the European fintech industry’s future.

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