“Fiat Is Fraud,” Says Billionaire Ricardo Salinas

Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego also the third richest man in mMexicorecently endorsed bitcoin and going to use it in his banking business soon.

Billionaire Ricardo Salinas discussed his Bitcoin investment with Blockchain Land’s director. Salinas has stated that bitcoin accounts for 10% of his assets. Salinas is a fervent supporter of bitcoin. One of the coin’s most visible supporters, with the bitcoin hashtag on his Twitter profile.

Ricardo Salinas official Twitter Handle

“Everything at once” just means Twitter. And Twitter is filled with lots of craze.

American Entrepreneur and co-founder of MicroStrategy Michael J. Saylor appreciated the step and praised Ricardo with a Tweet.

Bitcoin Is A Modern Form Of Gold

Despite the recent price drop, Ricardo Salinas remains a strong believer in bitcoin.The billionaire compares bitcoin to gold when listing its benefits. To say that bitcoin, with all of its benefits, qualifies as a modern form of gold is an understatement.

He claimed that bitcoin is simple to transport. It is extremely liquid on a global scale. Most importantly, the supply of bitcoin is limited. Because of the coin’s limited supply, Salinas has a lot of faith in it.

Salinas went on to discuss inflation. He mentioned that a dollar was 20 pesos when he first started working in 1981. A dollar is now worth 20,000 pesos, 40 years later. The limited supply of Bitcoin allows you to avoid this. You can’t devalue coins if you can’t make new ones.

Well, don’t know much about sources but Ricardo is going to HodL bitcoin and ready to invest heavily in it.

That’s a piece of great positive news for investors as someone who knows money from this close and says something so positive about bitcoin.

Stay tuned for more Twitter Talks.

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