First Indian Artist Lyricist “Raftaar” To Accept Cryptocurrencies As Performance Fees

Indian Lyricist and Rapper “Raftaar” agrees to accept cryptocurrency as payment for his virtual performance. The 60 min live event will be hosted in Ottawa, Canada for a private gathering of 100 people.

Cryptos are getting popular day by day as people around getting more aware of the fact that everything soon will be available digitally.

The recent hype drenched every single investor in the market, not just crypto enthusiasts but celebrities too. Indian Music Industry witnessing a new revolutionary step towards digitalisation as Indian Artist, lyricist “Raftaar” recently announced that he will accept crypto payments for his upcoming event.

And there is no better place than Twitter to see what people think about this……

His fans too appreciating the star,

Some also claimed that the national music sensation wasn’t the first to accept cryptos as payment,

Embracing Cryptocurrency as a new legacy

Meanwhile, in between all the haze, his manager and long time business partner Ankit Khanna said,
“In my opinion, music will be one of the first sectors to be entirely and profoundly impacted by the blockchain.” He added,” Without the need of middlemen, the artist can now go straight to the public in every way. Anyone involved in the creation or interaction with music has the potential to benefit from blockchain technology. I’m delighted to join my old business friend Raftaar in welcoming this new transactional paradigm since he is truly an influencing voice of this new generation.”

Dilin Nair aka Raftaar

In which Raftaar applauded his friend and quoted, “I’ve always been an ardent admirer of blockchain technology. I’ve always wondered why artists and managers alike haven’t explored the potential of this disruptive medium. Nevertheless, I’ve finally taken the baby steps in this direction and all the credit goes to my manager, Ankit Khanna for making this dream a reality for me,”

The virtual performance is going to host in Ottawa, Canada. The boutique 60-minute event will be a private gathering of 100 people.

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