Franklin Airdrop: ‘Fly’ To The Moon!


What is Franklin?

Franklin coin or Fly is the native token of the VRM and Black Ocean ecosystems. The owners of this digital asset enjoy additional discounts on trading commissions, rebates on purchases and use of Black Ocean software, such as dark pools, launchpads, NFT assets, margin trading and mining opportunities. The main aim of Fly coin is to provide liquidity to the trading platform in the form of dark pools. Here’s the Franklin airdrop!

Fly coin is listed on developing exchanges such as Kucoin. Thus, there is enough liquidity for users to convert their holdings into cash equivalents.

franklin airdrop
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What do you need to know about this airdrop?

The Franklin network has partnered up with CoinMarketCap to host an airdrop. The network will be airdropping approximately 570,000 Fly coins to 2000 lucky participants. According to the market price of the coin, the prize pool is worth $22800 of Fly coins. However, the number of participants has far exceeded the number of potential winners. Already, 131,466 participants have registered for this event. The coin was invented in May, 2021. The network decided to publicize the coin by conducting an airdrop which has become popular in recent times.

The participants must follow some steps in order to be eligible for the event. They must follow and promote the official twitter account of the Fly network. Additionally, they must join the telegram community of the network. Lastly, they must fill out a form and submit their crypto wallet addresses.

The Fly network will be the sole decider of the winners. They will announce the list of winners on July 29, 2021. The network will credit the winnings to the respective wallet addresses within two days of the announcement.

What are the benefits of this airdrop?

There are various benefits of this airdrop to both the fly network as well as the winners. The network will have to spend just $23,000 to make people aware of the existence of the coin and the utility of its platform.

The impact of the airdrop is already becoming prominent because over 130,000 users have become aware of the network. Moreover, this airdrop will increase the activity of users on the platform which will in turn raise its revenue.

franklin airdrop
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The airdrop has significant advantages to the winners. The winners can stake their tokens or offer them in a liquidity pool so as to earn more Fly tokens. The users are entitled to earn a portion of the transaction fees if they choose to provide liquidity to the platform. The Black Ocean platform offers mining, liquidity and sustainable yields to the token holders.

The fly token has many deflationary forces. Its total supply is capped to a limited amount that avoids inflation. Moreover, the price of the coin is below $0.1. This implies that the coin has a high potential for growth.

The winners of this airdrop can capitalize on the potential of the coin during the next decade.

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