For the first time in 10.5 years, over $50 million in Bitcoin from 2011 was transferred.

For the very first instance in 10.5 years, two accounts from 2011 holding 500 bitcoin each moved 1,000 coins on December 29. In addition, another account from 2011 awoke on Wednesday, transferring 40 bitcoin for the first time in almost a decade.

For the first time in 10.5 years, an address established on July 10, 2011, at 11:22 p.m. (UTC) containing 500 bitcoin (BTC) moved the BTC on Wednesday. Another wallet, which was opened on the same day in 2011, distributed 500 BTC valued and over $23 million over the course of the transaction.

Moreover, for the first time in almost a decade, a purse from August 12, 2011, holding BTC worth $1.8 million, moved coins. BTC was going for $47,500 per unit at the time of transfer, therefore the total of 1,040 BTC purchased on Wednesday was worth more than $49 million.

Because the bitcoin accounts have both been established on July 10, 2011, one might presume the 1,000 BTC came from the same individual. Because the 40 BTC account was established roughly a month later, it’s plausible that the owner was the 40 BTC.

Apart from four earlier 2011 transactions this month, there hasn’t been much 2011 bitcoin spending in December. On December 1 and 14, two coinbase prizes were spent. On December 11, ten bitcoin (BTC) were transferred from a wallet made in 2011, and twenty bitcoin (BTC) were sent from another account established in 2011.

Researchers believe that exchanges may be interested in old Bitcoin.
According to’s privacy tool, the bitcoin wallet that transmitted 500 BTC sent the cash with a “moderate” level of privacy or a score of 65. During the send, four difficulties were discovered, including “matching addresses detected” and “many signs we were able to identify the same sorts of addresses engaged in this transaction.”

According to statistics, one of the transactions may have been linked to a verified Coinbase account. Similarly,’s privacy tool assigns the same grade to another 500 BTC transaction, and information from that address reveals money flow related to a verified Coinbase account.

The privacy was weaker whenever the 40 BTC was moved, with a score of 45 as per’s criteria. The outbound transfer was tied to matching addresses, just like the prior two BTC transactions from 2011.

According to analytics, another public Coinbase address is linked to the wallet’s money movement. The 1,040 BTC delivered on Wednesday follows a pattern comparable to many of the old currencies sent in 2021. According to investigators from the Telegram group “gfoundinsh*t” and the author of, the old currencies may be coveted by exchanges.

“We at (GFiS) have such a notion as to why certain large exchanges could want old bitcoins,” the researchers explained. “The presence of these ancient bitcoins may aid in the purification of a bigger pool of bitcoins which may already have dark undertones.” And now, if they combine it with the white and sparkly versions dated 2010-2011, it will assist them all to pass numerous AML and risk analyses bots.”

According to statistics, the accounts which sent 500 BTC were rated as low-risk. The cash from the account that sent the 40 BTC came from an address that formerly had 31,723 BTC and sent its final currency on May 11, 2012, whenever it transferred 101 BTC.

The transaction hash data, which indicates the 1,000 BTC transferred, suggests that the cash came from a miner, as 10 addresses contributed 50 BTC to the account and 0.05437193 BTC was received in fees. It’s unclear whether these coins were sold to the public or over-the-counter (OTC), even as holders of these oldskool coins may have transferred them to distribute them into locations with lower quantities of cash.

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