FTX Gives Away $500 To Fans At Newly Made Basketball Arena


  • The value of the cryptocurrency exchange is derived by the awards granted to its supporters.
  • The FTX token is currently trading at $63, having increased in value by almost 1,000% in the last few months.

At the FTX-Arena event hosted at the Miami Heat field in Miami, Florida, the crypto exchange FTX distributed $500 worth of cryptos to each attendee.

The crypto company has revealed that its latest investment round might net them more than $400 million.

This giveaway occurred during the first basketball game between the Miami Heat and the Milwaukee Bucks. The ad campaign may have cost around $150,000, according to reports.

Due to its technological developments and activities, FTX has become one of the most popular crypto exchanges in Miami.

The crypto platform launched the Basketball season on the FTX-Arena field by distributing $500 in cryptocurrency to all of its followers, according to the most recent news.


Those who were unable to participate in the giveaway were given a shirt and a non-fungible token as a present.

The event’s highlight was the home team’s 137-95 victory over Milwaukee. Sports appear to be the exchange’s primary means of advertising.

Even the fans believe that cryptocurrency prizes will become more popular at FTX-Arena matches.

One of the user also tweeted about the crypto-dudes “taking over the worlds”.

Even though the crypto corporation cannot promise that its advertising campaign will be successful, it has clearly had a favourable impact on cryptos and the Miami Heat squad.


The FTT, the exchange’s native token, is currently trading at $66.99, with a market capitalization of over 1,500 percent in the last few months of the year.

The crypto exchange FTX paid around $135 million in April to alter the name of the Miami Heat’s arena. The target was met, and the arena is currently known as FTX-Arena.

The crypto platform has also demonstrated its promise in terms of field management. Agent Aaron Jones was just hired by the firm, and he will be working alongside consultants such as Steph Curry and Tom Brady.

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