Gamestop, the world’s largest video game retailer, has revealed further details about the upcoming NFT Marketplace.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts uncovered a webpage developed by the computer game store Gamestop at the end of May. Gamestop has announced its entry into the realm of blockchain technology and non-fungible currency (NFT) holdings, according to the website. The NFT online site at Gamestop has recently been revamped, and creators are being asked to join up for the network.

The Gamestop NFT website teases the launch of a new marketplace.

To say the least, Gamestop (Nasdaq: GME) has had an eventful year. This all began on January, once the Reddit community r/wallstreetbets triggered a Gamestop stock exchange battle against Wall Street investment firms.

“If indeed the market correction persists, the entire market might fall,” Goldman Sachs CEO David Kostin stated. Gamestop had continued to stay prominent despite going bankrupt, and trading volume at $19.26 per units by December 30, 2020, that after Wallstreetbets scandal faded from the spotlight. GME stocks are now trading at $146.46 per units, a 655.73 percent increase since then.

In addition, towards the end of May, Gamestop unveiled a new NFT website, signalling that the corporation was putting its toes into the realm of NFTs. Gamestop said on April 8, 2021, that it was seeking a security expert with familiarity with technology, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs, before to the platform’s debut. When it originally started, the website didn’t provide much information, but today, Gamestop’s NFT web page indicates it is seeking for NFT developers.

Gamestop’s website reads, “Calling all developers.” The amended description adds, “Request to be a creator on the Gamestop NFT marketplace.”

The Gamestop NFT marketplace looks to be getting ready to open, and the login form for creators asks a lot of information. The survey inquires as to what the NFT creator would like to be known as, as well as if they identify as a “individual artist, creator, game developer, or meme king.” Gamestop also inquires about the user’s webpage and whether or not they ever have built an NFT. The Gamestop survey goes on to inquire if the respondent has “ever used an Ethereum wallet previously.”

Thoughts on looprings

It’s widely assumed that Gamestop will collaborate with Loopring, a protocol based (L2) initiative. A Canadian journalist questioned Loopring’s CEO, Daniel Wang, about the Gamestop rumours towards the end of November. After that the journalist informed Wang that there had been “a number of speculations about just a prospective relationship and Gamestop” and inquired if the “potential agreement” is real, Wang responded:

That is something I am unable to remark on.

Gamestop hasn’t revealed any other details regarding the formal marketplaces debut, how that will function, or what projects the firm is presently operating on as of today. Several people assume the NFT marketplace software will be based on the Ethereum platform, based on the Ethereum contract published on Gamestop’s web site and a new question regarding utilising an Ethereum account.

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