Here’s The Genshiro Airdrop For GenZ!


What is Genshiro coin?

Genshiro is a part of the DeFi chain, popularly known as the decentralized finance network chain. The creators of Genshiro claim that the recently launched cryptocurrency can perform all the functions that existing DeFi coins do, but with less risk and more precision.

These functions include providing a reward to the blockchain nodes for mining cryptocurrencies and other stakers looking to earn rewards for the same.

Another function would be to pay transaction fees and interests on various operations of the blockchain network.

It could also be used to serve as a collateral on emerging exchanges and trades placed by traders on the corresponding platforms.

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What do you need to know about the airdrop?

The airdrop will be carried out in two sections. The total prize pool is $200,000 worth of Genshiro coin to the selected participants.

The first airdrop will be worth $20,000 Genshiro to 2000 lucky winners of the event. The participants are required to complete some tasks. These tasks involve receiving a coupon code after filling out a form. It’s that simple to earn free crypto. The winners of this airdrop will be announced on the network’s twitter account. The winnings will be credited to the respective wallets within two weeks of the completion of the event.

The prize pool will be shared by the winners equally to ensure fair distribution among all.

The second event has the remaining prize pool of $180,000.

This pool is nine times larger as the participants must perform more complex tasks in order to be eligible for the airdrop. This event does not have a limit on the number of winners. Any number of participants can win the airdrop until the prize pool has been completely distributed. The participants need to stake a minimum of 50 KSM coins to be eligible for this airdrop pool.

What are the benefits of participation?

As mentioned before, the network claims that Genshiro can perform all the functions of a standard DeFi network more efficiently with minimal risks.

Moreover, this coin is listed on emerging crypto exchanges such as Kucoin, DODOex and BKEX.

Being listed on emerging exchanges rather than completely developed exchanges can be useful for the coin. As the popularity of the upcoming exchanges increase, so does the popularity of the coins listed on it.

Moreover, the coin does not have inflationary factors since the circulation of the coin is capped at 12 billion. However, this does not imply that there are 12 billion Genshiro coins in the market already. There are very few coins yet, the remaining balance is yet to be mined.

Furthermore, another good sign of growth for the coin is that even though it has been recently launched, the volumes of buying and selling (daily) have already reached about $70000. This implies that users are starting to be aware of its existence and use!

This could be a great opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to earn free Genshiro because the coin has a huge upside potential in the long run.

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