GSI: The Blockchain Cure to the Water Pollution Problem

Every year, we try harder to make goods of consumer products that fulfill people’s requirements, yet water contamination, overfishing, and environmental degradation are making the task more difficult in many areas of the world (and dangerous).

Our global population is expanding, as well as the waters become more contaminated.

The waters had deteriorated into “trash stews.”

Furthermore, due to the massive use of power, the environmental implications of processing cryptocurrency have been already noted.

As a result, more eco-responsible alternatives to cut energy use are being developed.
Global Innovative Solutions is taking action by releasing GSI, the Environmental Ticket, which aids in the prevention of emissions just on the globe (for real).

Environmental Movement: Greatest Services

With just an unusual and worthwhile proposal, the organization has clearly separated itself from the various ventures in the crypto market.

GSI uses blockchain technology to fund and produce environmentally sustainable and environmentally friendly initiatives.

In essence, it’s a decentralized financial initiative with the bold objective of “fighting global pollution, token by tokens.”
But how does it accomplish this?

How well the GSI Token Functions

World Innovation Technologies has launched the GSI Token on the cryptocurrency market in response to the environmental crisis.

The goal is to encourage broad acceptance in order to aid in the reduction of pollution while assuring a steady growth in the token’s value.

The countless ‘Green Partnerships’ make this feasible.

The project’s partner firms, such as those involved in wastewater treatment, are at its center.
Greatest Technologies serves as a middleman amongst both the partner companies and their consumers in this scenario.

They take over orders that arrive at the partner firms.

World Brilliant Technologies instantly pays the partner firm half of the billed amount (by bank transfer). The remaining half is paid out in GSI Tickets acquired upon that marketplace.

In actuality, every time a request for services is taken over from the partner firm, there’ll be a significant influence just on the marketplace, and also the value of a Tokens will inevitably arise.

Nevertheless, the emphasis is already on the partner firms’ actual and verifiable decrease of pollution through the installation of green technology.
That demonstrates very serious an organization is for its objective.

So how would bitcoin aid in the reduced water polluted air?

Each GSI cryptocurrency paid fairly is supported by real-world evidence.

There really is no way of making cash unless it is accompanied by a significant reduction in global pollution.

Every payment verifies the true benefit to the environment, which is then recorded on the blockchain. As a result, payment serves as proof of pollutant reduction certification.

The owners will only issue the tokens if these specific requirements are satisfied.

Furthermore, GSI has considered compensating its owners:
221,000 tokens will be mined for every tonne of CO2 saved by the installation of the partner firms’ equipment (estimated amount of Co2 saved in one month).

The remaining 22% will be given to holders in accordance with the number of units they still own.

As a result, distributed ledger innovation enters our rescue since it allows us to confirm and track the actual benefit that the GSI ecosystem provides to the world.

The advantages of GSI

Tokenomics by GSI were designed to not depreciate over time, and it is highly complex.

In the cryptocurrency industry, Global Innovative Solution has pioneered numerous ways to avoid coin depreciation.
This is what we’re discussing:

Program of Purchase and Return

Every month, Global Innovative Solutions will reinvest 21% of its income in the acquisition of GSI cryptocurrencies at fair value.

As a result, the corporation would supply availability on a continuous basis, avoiding the price from losing its relevance over the period.

After 1%, you’ll be able to open the door.

Coins acquired during which was before the period will indeed be distributed at a monthly rate of 1%, according to the number of GSI retained in the purse, preventing devaluation and delivering a lengthy, safe, cash flow.


In accordance with the goals of the 2030 Agenda, Global Innovative Solutions will contribute 2% of revenues to charity each month for water purification and pollution reduction.


They now can substantially and clearly cut pollutants in our world because of cryptocurrency.

GSI is dedicated to developing creative and long-term technologies which help individuals in reducing garbage and emissions.
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