HaloDAO Airdrop : Your Entry Ticket Into Crypto!


  • HaloDAO and CoinMarketCap are together dropping 140,000 RNBW to 4000 lucky winners.
  • The last day to participate in this Airdrop is 30th August, 2021.
  • The current price of HaloDAO is  $1.09 and has  24-hour trading volume of $232,943 .
HaloDao Airdrop
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What is HaloDAO ?

HaloDAO Protocol is a DeFi application platform that allows stable coins swaps  via an automated market maker. 

HaloDAO aims to incentivise and build on and off-ramps integrations with existing wallets and exchanges. It also aims to facilitate an efficient, on-demand currency exchange via On Demand Liquidity  and a stable coin specific lending market that provides high-interest yields on local currencies.

The network is initially launched on Ethereum for its version zero but plans to launch on Binance smart chain and Polygon.

RNBW Airdrop
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What is RNBW?

RNBW is an ERC20 based token with an initial supply of 100,000,000. It can be minted as long as the cap is not locked by vote. The initial supply is going to be  distributed over 5 years.

When liquidity providers provide liquidity to  HaloDAO’s products, they will earn RNBW equivivalent to the liquidity they have provided. That RNBW is automatically vested in the Rainbow Contract.

Liquidity providers  earn RNBW tokens that are auto vested in HaloDAO’s Rainbow vesting contract. The longer an liquidity provider vests, the more RNBW is earned. There is no lockup period unlike other protocols. 

RNBW is the native utility token that is used for the following purposes: 

1) Governance vote to determine how network resources are allocated

 2) Active staking in vesting and voting will earn a portion of the stablecoin profits

3) Collateral for Lending Markets 

4) Collateral for AMM liquidity

HaloDAO Airdrop, 

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What makes HaloDao Unique?

HaloDAO protocol is unique from other DeFi protocols because it allows three fundamental consumer use cases that are : Spending, Shopping and Saving. However, in order to make these high level use cases possible, we require a permission-less liquidity that will enable users to easily access the DeFi economy. 

HaloDAO Protocol includes: 

1) A stable coin risk profile optimised Lending Market that increases collateral utility compared to volatile cryptocurrencies 

2) A stable coin optimised Automated Market Maker with a custom bonding curve catered to swapping between differently priced stable coins 

3) Optimistic governance. Off chain voting and on chain execution.

4) RNBW liquidity rewards and vesting via the RNBW vesting token

About the Airdrop

HaloDao and CoinMarketCap are together dropping 140,000 RNBW to upto 4000 winners. Each winner gets 35 RNBW. The price of RNBW is $1.10. HaloDAO has a maximum supply of 100,000,000 with 5,602,876.58536253 in circulation. You can participate in the airdrop by :

1 – Add RNBW to your CoinMarketCap watchlist

2 – Join HaloDAO Telegram Group

3 – Join HaloDAO Discord Server

4 – Follow HaloDAO’s Twitter Account

5 – RT the HaloDAO x CoinMarketCap pinned tweet on https://twitter.com/HaloDAOFinance and tag 3 of your followers

6 – Subscribe HaloDAO Email List

Participate in the airdrop and avail a free ticket into the world of cryptocurrency.

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