“Happy Birthday Dogefather” Twitter explodes on Elon Musk’s Birthday

dogefather again trending on Twitter on the occasion of Elon Musk’s Birthday. Twitter celebrates it differently.

Hashtag dogefather again trending on Twitter on the occasion of Elon Musk‘s Birthday. Twitter celebrates it differently.

Right after father’s day, #DogeFather is trending again on Twitter on the occasion of Tesla CEO’s Birthday.
A memorable day to cherish is never missed by Twitteratis and every time if it’s something big they won’t hesitate to tweet their feelings out.

The Entrepreneur and the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk turns 50 this year. His journey from being a 24/7 worker, doing extreme labour and going through intensive stress and fatigue to a Multi Billionaire and influencing personality is commendable.

For this very occasion, people jumped over their social media to wish their DogeFather a great “Happy Birthday”.

Some even called him Mars colonizer as his Twitter bio reads ” Imperator of Mars” it means commander of mars.

While everyone has their way of wishing, Indians have their fashion of wishing and blessing the birthday boy.

A fan of Elon Musk praying to idol of Lord Ganesha “a Hindu god” to seek blessings for Elon Musk

When someone asked him “what present he want for his 50th birthday?”, the Dogefather never settles for basic replies. He asked him for a starship super heavy.

Starship super heavy is a SpaceX made two stage-to orbit reusable rocket that is still under development and research by the firm SpaceX.

A Mother’s emotional tweet…

While everyone wishing Musk tremendously on Twitter, a wish from her mother made everyone emotional while she uploads her son’s childhood photo.

Elon Musk’s mother, Maye Musk holding her son. An old picture of Elon Musk and her mother.

Meanwhile, Doge Coin’s price increased by 3 per cent over the last price value. One of the reason may be the DogeFather’s Birthday.

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