The Airdrop Worth A Hundred Billion Tokens!


What is a Hare coin?

Hare coin is a decentralized coin, aimed at building a community-driven spirit. It is a market leader in BEP20 or Binance Smart Chain wallets. This implies that this coin can be used to exchange any BEP20 coin on its exchange. Hare coin and the Hareswap are a part of the Pancake swap decentralized exchange. With the advancement and development of Pancakeswap, the hare coin is likely to thrive. Here’s the Hare airdrop with the most volumes out there!

hare coin airdrop
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What do you need to know about the airdrop?

Being an effective community, the network has decided to airdrop a whopping 100 billion Hare coins to the participants. Read it again, it is indeed 100 billion Hare coins.

Since the community is in its early stage, it could use the marketing. This airdrop and the prize pool will inevitably make the hare coin and the community very popular.

Interested users must fulfill some tasks in order to be eligible for the event. The users need to follow the official accounts of the Hare community on twitter as well as telegram. In addition to that, they must submit their BEP20 wallet addresses on the form. The link of the form would be provided on the social media account itself.

The Hare network will announce the winners as soon as maximum participants have enrolled themselves for the event. The prize pool will be credited equally to the respective wallet addresses of the winners. The network will ensure equal and transparent distribution of the prize pool on their twitter accounts.

What are the benefits of participating in this airdrop?

Aside from the chance of winning a prize pool of 100 billion Hare coins, this airdrop has many benefits. Since the hare network is relatively new, the winners have the chance to become one of the early members of the community. The development of the community will be highly beneficial to the early members.

Moreover, the Hare coin holders earn 5% of their holdings every time a transaction is conducted by another trader. The hare coin holder can earn money just by holding his assets in the BEP wallet.

Moreover, hare coin can be used to exchange any BEP coin globally. The Hare community had exchanged hare coins for $2000 worth binance coins to ensure the smooth functioning of the exchange.

To add to the benefits, the supply of Hare coins is limited. There are no inflationary factors since no third party can mine more tokens than the prescribed supply in circulation.

Investors are recommended to capitalize in this opportunity for maximum benefits.

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