Champion Tyson Fury under heat for Floki Inu

The two time World Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury is under heat for the Floki Inu post that he posted on his Twitter. Let’s find out why Twitter users are so angry.


Floki Inu, named after the Shiba Inu dog of Billionaire businessman, Elon Musk is a memecoin. Memecoins are Cryptocurrencies that are based on an internet phenomenon. They generally have a driving force, a community that helps the coin grow in popularity as well as value. Dogecoin is the first Memecoin and arguably the most popular. While several meme coins have been contesting this race to become the most famous one, Floki Inu has been in the spotlight.

Floki Inu has hit the news yet again after getting a shoutout by a celebrity. This celebrity is none other than the two times World Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury.

The short video of Tyson Fury promoting Floki Inu

The short video posted by the World Heavyweight Champion was seen by more than 280k viewers from all over the world. The champion can be seen sporting a Floki themed hoodie. Also, the champion asked his audience to join the Floki fan base. Additionally, Some fans were disappointed over him reading off a script.


While the Floki fanatics were enjoying the fame that came from the mention, Twitter users weren’t happy with this particular event. Fury got the heat because Twitter users sensed that this video was a paid promotional video.

Additionally, some users were unhappy over Fury’s lack of interest and general knowledge about Cryptocurrencies. Some users went as far as asking Fury to fire his Media Agent.

Among the critics was the CEO of the popular Crypto exchange CoinCorner, Danny Scott.

Danny Scott’s Reply on the Twitter post


Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury is under heat for Floki Inu due to Twitter not approving his post. Being a celebrity has its cons and one of them is being in a state of perpetual public scrutiny.

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