Holly Herndon Sells Rights To Deepfake Her Voice Using NFTs

Holly Herndon is an American musician and composer. The musician seems to benefit from the principles of Deepfake technology.

This unique technology allows her fans to use the digital version of Holly Herndon so that they can create original works of art that they can later sell. According to Herndon’s announcement on Twitter on Thursday, users who want to create their own Deepfake using the musician’s unique image and voice can sell their minted works using non-fungible tokens in the Zora market. Furthermore, Holly said that her fans after creating a piece can always submit its digital copies to the project’s DAO for approval. Once their digital copies are sold, they will get 50% of the profits from the auction.

The project stipulates that three “genesis” Holly+ NFTs will initially be released. Moreover, the submissions from the general public will also be displayed which will be minted through smart contracts. Next month, they will be auctioned on the Zora marketplace. After the auction, users will get to have half of the profits, 40% will go to the DAO and Holly will be getting the rest of the amount. The minimum price for two NFT Genesis is 15 Ether (ETH), which is approximately $48,150 at the time of launch.

Holly said:

“Creating work with the voices of others is something to embrace. Anyone can submit artwork using my likeness.”

Holly’s Digital Twin – Holly+

Holly+ is Holly Herndon’s digital twin. This digital twin may have a serious impact on artists who want to control their image and voice. However, Holly’s first two NFTs do not seem like people will mistake it for a real human voice singing or speaking. The truth is, deepfakes in the market have often been used by people to spread false information. They are even used to frame the truth in the wrong way. In this case, with the consent and encouragement of the artist, and the technology that may be improved in the future, a more realistic and economical digital version of Herndon may appear. Currently, DAO verifies to take advantage of unapproved language clips.

For the release of Holly+ just last month, Herndon stated, “Vocal deepfakes are here to stay. A balance needs to be found between protecting artists and encouraging people to experiment with new and exciting technology. That is why we are running this experiment in communal voice ownership.”

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