How To Create Fixed Deposit In Cryptos?

What Is Fixed Deposit?

Fixed deposit, a financial investment offered by banks to investors to provide them with higher interest rates on their deposited amount till the maturity date. Banks allow you to create a fixed deposit for as low as 7 days to even 10 years. 

Common FD rates in the USA are 1-2% and in India 5-7%. And that much percentage is not enough to grow your hard-earned money.

Fixed Deposit In Crypto?

Until only banks used to provide interest on our money, but now there are platforms to help you earn interest in cryptos.

So, today we will help you fix the biggest problem in the crypto space i.e. provide you with Fixed Deposits in crypto. Sounds amazing, right?

We know how risky crypto investments are, but they can be truly rewarding too, and that’s why we invest some amount in cryptos. If we were to earn a fixed interest rate on our crypto investments, wouldn’t it will make crypto investing less risky? Whether the price goes high or low, you will earn a fixed amount on your cryptos. 

And this is so amazing! 

Platform For Fixed Deposit In Crypto

But how do we do this? How to create a fixed deposit of your crypto investments and earn interest on cryptos monthly? 

You need to download the app Vauld or download it from the play store and enter the code ‘kpqx7i’ on signup. I promise this is not sponsored as I myself use Vauld to earn interest on my crypto assets. Using my link/code to get a 40% discount on your trading fees!

There is always a risk of scams in the crypto space. How can we be sure that Vauld is not a scam? 

Vauld raised funding of 25 million dollars by Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures. Vauld has partnered with Valar, Pantera, Coinbase, Robot Ventures, and BitGo. These are enough reasons to create your trust in this platform.

Steps To Create A Crypto Fixed Deposit 

Step 1: Once you Sign-up, you need to buy crypto

Step 2: On Fixed Deposit, choose your coin and amount

Step 3: Now click on ‘Create Fixed Deposit’ 

And you’re done! 

After 30 days, you will earn the interest amount on your coin. And you can do this every month, again and again, to keep earning interest in your cryptos. But how much is the interest rate on cryptos? It’s not the same for every coin and varies with every coin. 

Let’s have a look at the interest rate of some coins.

Bitcoin – 6.70%

Ethereum – 6.70%

USDT – 12.68%

XRP – 6.70%

USDC – 12.68%

UNI – 3.04%

BUSD – 12.68%

Matic – 3.04%

and many more…

Vauld is a trusted platform that provides the best interest rates on crypto investments. Vauld is a Singapore-based company that helps you do more than ordinary on your crypto investments.

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