Arche Network airdrop: Your portal to the decentralized world


  • Arche Network aims to metamorphose E-Commerce into De-commerce allowing members to participate in a decentralized world.
  • Arche Network x Tracy McGrady is airdropping $100,000 USD NFTs to 3513 winners with total airdrop amount being 3513 NFTs

What is Arche Network?

Providing customisation services, a decentralized marketplace and a unique commission mechanism, Arche Network visions to build a user-friendly, decentralised crypto asset store where sellers are allowed to create IDO/IGO/INO and MysteryBox. It aims to build a decentralised web portal, in web 3.0 era where projects, order creators, matchmakers, traders form an interconnected ecosystem governed by a DAO through Arche Tokens. Easing crypto asset trading with access to Matchmakers, swaps, Lending, etc is another key feature of Arche Network.

What makes Arche Network unique?

Mystery Box

Publishers are able to create mystery boxes for their assets using Chainlink VRF to ensure fair launching of assets. Moreover, Arche broker could earn Arche Tokens by promoting the orders and for traders who use the broker’s link will get token cashback.


It helps sellers to create their own decentralised marketplace, that relies wholly on order book format. Upon seeing a reasonable inquiry by a counterparty, a transaction is initiated for a swap between NFT and Token.


Arche assists clients with finding quality blue-chip crypto resources and offer them to users decently. Additionally fabricating a powerful essential market for issuers. After a issuer presents its profile, Arche will audit it and give launchpad administrations to qualified undertakings with full-administration highlights including whitelist deals, KYC administrations, and Matchmaker framework support. Users can take an interest in the acquisition of blue-chip crypto resources in the essential market in the wake of meeting the necessities of the stage just as the issuer.


Matchmaker framework is the centre assistant module for Arche store environment, joined with a two-way endowment business rationale, permitting both the purchaser (Buyer) and the aggregator (Matchmaker) to get ARCHE tokens motivating force. In Arche environment, the publisher (Seller) can set ARCHE token as a two-way incentive, and Matchmaker can catch this data on the page and find possible buyers for the vender by sharing the ware interface. After every buyer utilizes the connection to purchase a crypto asset, the Arche motivator set in the keen agreement will be quickly sponsored to the Matchmaker’s wallet, and the buyer will likewise get a piece of the ARCHE token impetus.

What’s in it for the users?

  • Receive Fair launch game props by participating in Game Store’s MysteryBox offering
  • Access to blue chip assets in IDO’s offering
  • Receive Fair launch NFTs through participating in MysteryBox offering of the NFT Store
  • To receive incentives for matchmaking users can share or participate in crypto asset trading
  • To participate in the decentralised governance of Arche Network users are required to stake Arche

What’s in it for the publishers?

  • Selling NFT or game prop assets using MysteryBox
  • Token sale using IDO
  • Attracting users to sale assets through Matchmaker service


Ticker: Arche

Chain: Ethereum Chain (ERC20)

Contract Address: 0xe293Bf6BcF1A72768dA0209F437491046359b9f2

Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

Contract Address: 0x6B8C76b277Eb34A22e24d603ef0448D9ad1c5a7d

Arche Total Supply: 100,000,000

About the airdrop

Arche Network x Tracy McGrady, $100,000USD NFTs Airdrop is coming with 3513 NFTs to 3513 winners by bringing 3,513 Mystery box airdrop gifts. Inside the secret box, you will get a T-Mac Time gatherer’s release of NFT and an uncommon ticket for our next coming occasion! The headliner of T-Mac Time Mystery Box will be waiting on Binance NFT Mystery BOX Launchpad on November 15.

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