Cake Monster Airdrop


• Cake Monster is giving away an aggregate of $300 worth of MONSTA and NFTs to three fortunate members.

• Cake Monster offers a huge number of extraordinary elements pointed toward building an adaptable, multi-layered, and robotized profit yield and prize framework for members.

What is Cake Monster?

Cake Monster is the principal convention in presence to make a consistently developing Gravity Vault CAKE Reserve that opens up to all MONSTA holders and prizes them with all the CAKE it gathered in return for your MONSTA toward the finish of each deflationary cycle! Then, at that point, the symbolic will relaunch decently, printing the stockpile back up to 10 billion and giving you back your portion of MONSTA that you used to guarantee your portion of the Gravity Vault Reserve.

Without compromising the manageability or security of the convention biological system, it joins this with savvy plan, innovativeness, and natural development, bringing about an exceptionally energetic and drew in local area.

We are continually hoping to work on the convention to make it increasingly fulfilling and fun by adding new elements and overhauling what we as of now have.

CAKE Bank (Gravity Vault Reserve) Locked Auto Liquidity Elastic Supply Volume Farming Ultra-Deflationary Stakeless Dividend Yield Sustainable Holder Rewards Memes and Cartoons 3D, Augmented Reality and Play-to-Earn NFTs GamificationFair Taxes Relaunchability Upgradability Modularity.

At its centre, MONSTA is a super deflationary mechanized profit yield and image token with novel hold instruments and a mixture money related strategy. It consolidates supportable, stakeless profit yield and award age with fun Memes, 3D/AR/P2E NFT utility, and irresistible gamification angles.

An additional emphasis on natural development in all spaces, upgradability, and a reasonable and stable biological system add to the quality and life span of this task.

What is $MONSTA?

Each time $MONSTA supply diminished by 0.005% the PANCAKE SWEETNESS comes to 100% (can be more!) and anybody that qualifies can “MAKE” the CAKE and procure $MONSTA rewards! Coming to 100% (or more) implies that the transitory vault is topped off with enough $MONSTA through burdened exchanges to purchase more CAKE for the Gravity Vault and add locked liquidity to the LP.

For Cake Making to happen we really want Monster Chefs from the local area to help us!

Making the Cake

•  When the $MONSTA supply has diminished 0.005% (when Pancake Sweetness came to 100%), a   Monster Chef (Holder) can “Make” the Cake

• The Monster Chef does this by tapping the “Make” button in the DApp

• The Monster Chef is compensated with 2% of the $MONSTA gathered in the kitchen vault

• 90% of the $MONSTA from the kitchen vault is utilized to purchase $CAKE and is added to The CAKE Gravity Vault

• 10% of the $MONSTA is utilized to auto-add liquidity to the Pancake Swap liquidity pool

• The director line is 100. This implies every wallet that has guaranteed prizes through the kitchen, needs to hang tight for 99 different supervisors before it very well may be utilized once more


Initial Supply: 10,000,000,000 $MONSTA (10 billion, 100%)

End Supply: 1,000,000 (1 million, 0.1%)

Gravity Vault Asset: $CAKE

Kitchen Asset (Temporary Vault) $MONSTA

Transaction Tax 5% (2.5% Kitchen, 2.5% Burn)


About the Airdrop:

  1. Visit the Cake Monster giveaway page.
  2. Submit your details and sign up.
  3. Now complete simple social tasks to earn entries.
  4. A total of three participants will be randomly selected to win $100 worth of MONSTA and an NFT each.
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