Candy cash Airdrop: Game introducing blockchain to its users


• Candy Cash! is a game motivated in the around the world fruitful “Sweets Crush Saga”.

• Candy Cash is airdropping an aggregate of 1,100,000 CANDY for doing straightforward social undertakings.

What is Candy Cash?

Candy Cash! is a game enlivened in the all around the world fruitful “Treats Crush Saga”. Other than partaking in a habit-forming and vivid ongoing interaction, players are the genuine proprietors of the things inside the game, and they can trade them with different players and acquire genuine, alluring and huge prizes as per their all-out play time.

It is an idea that challenges blockchain games, yet it likewise opposes customary games.

The game guarantees a natural, fun and habit-forming experience, which is now approved by clients of any age and from all nations. Simultaneously, it addresses an extraordinary chance to investigate new monetary open doors and to have command over our resources and have all out opportunity to oversee them.

These days, the advancement of our propensities, along with the making of the blockchain, have changed games – which used to be a straightforward type of interruption into a lifestyle, into the financial means to bring in cash while playing, and at last, into a change instrument.


CANDY: It is the utility badge of the stage, which is utilized for players to wager and play inside the stage, purchase NFTs, and so forth

CHOCOLATE: It is the administration token, which will be printed by clients’ interest and CANDY marking.

Treat: It is a manufactured TOKEN that main exists inside the game. It is a supplement of the CANDY token for the admittance to explicit results of the stage.

Candy’s Tokenomics

About the Airdrop

Candy Cash is airdropping an aggregate of 1,100,000 CANDY for doing basic social errands. Pursue the airdrop and complete the undertakings to procure $20 worth of CANDY. Top referrers will get up to $300 worth of USDT.

Bit by bit Guide:

1.  Visit the Candy Cash airdrop page.

2.  Submit your subtleties and sign up.

3.  Now complete every one of the social errands.

4.  You will get $20 worth of CANDY tokens.

5. Top referrers will get up to $300 worth of USDT.

6. Users need to connect with the stage once the game is sent off to guarantee the tokens.

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