Coin98 Airdrop: Making Defi services effortlessly accessible


  • Coin98 is airdropping 50,000 C98 to 10,000 winners.
  • The airdrop is worth a total amount of $100,000.

What is Coin98 Labs?

Coin98 Labs is an Open Infrastructure Financial Services manufacturer zeroing in on making and fostering an ecosystem of DeFi protocols, applications, NFTs on various blockchains. Its central goal is to satisfy undiscovered interest and improve popular utilities in the DeFi space, assisting individuals with getting to DeFi benefits easily.

Coin98 Ecosystem

The two item improvement methodologies:

•  Amplifying the client encounters of existing items

•  Investigating undiscovered requests with inside and out research and building imaginative items to fulfil them.

Coin98 Labs’ first item is Coin98 Wallet, a non-custodial and NFT wallet that possesses the first multichain wallet motor. It is the centre part of future multichain conventions/applications, filling in as one section to get various DeFi administrations across discrete blockchains.

Coin98 Exchange is a decentralized trade, giving clients liquidity from different sources, across numerous blockchains. It powers moment and secure trade for a consistent involvement in the best cost and slippage.

Coin98 Portfolio helps you in dealing with your portfolios through wallet association without the need of bringing in your Private Keys.

Coin98 Markets is a site that assists clients with getting updates of the constant costs, just as view the itemized data of a Token Metric from any task.


C98 Token is the native utility token of the Coin98 DeFi platform, powering the entire ecosystem. C98 tokens are built on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Solana. The Token (C98 Token) plays an important role in operating the Coin98 ecosystem, and at the same time brings profits to holders and rights for long-term development.

About the airdrop

Coin98 is making an airdrop of 50,000 C98 Token that is worth $100,000. This will be available to 10,000 winners with each winner winning a maximum of C98 token. Here’s how you can participate in the airdrop.

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