Disneyworld NFT for adults

Nowadays, the population has grown up largely as digital entities. Moreover, a huge demand has been seen for NFT amongst youngsters as well as adults. They are enjoying the amazement that comes with computer entertainment from a young age. For the children, this can be claimed as online games, whereas for teens, it was virtual social interactions. Any talking about adults, a combination of work and entertainment. However, with the changing environment, social interactions have proven to be one of the most successful forms of a source for online entertainment. This is taking the gaming industry to a new and more authentic experience.

Hence, the line between real and virtual has become faded. This is a reality further fastened up by tokenization.

What does Tokenization actually mean in NFT?

Tokenization is the process of turning a meaningful piece of data. This includes account number, into a random string of characters called a token that has no meaningful value if broken.

Tokens serve as a reference to the original data, but cannot be used to guess those values.

With the help of Tokenization, and resulting nonfungible tokens (NFTs), data types and other assets that people value in the real world take on a digital form. Also, these can be used and viewed virtually. Due to this reason, these unique types of assets gain significant value, and the digital universe becomes more attractive.

Zombie NFTs and ZOOM tokens

Cardinal Entertainment is on a mission to players the beginnings of an unlimited and infinite universe of zombie NFTs which are known as Zoombies.

Zoombies can be collected as precious assets like a normal NFT. But, they hold an additional ability to interact with what can be stated as a “Disneyworld of NFTs for adults.” Soon after the launch, the Zoombies NFT for adults and Zoom token have efficiently proved to be a success. Moreover, they have been ranked as the Top 2 tokens on Mooonriver, a position that these two have maintained since their launch in the month of September. Holding Zoomies NFTs and ZOOM token together provides the participants with a great opportunity to be a part of truly fascinating social as well as economic gameplay.

What awaits in the future of social and economic gameplay?

To transform the future of gameplay, Zoombies operates as an ERC-721 NFT collectible card game. Whereas, Moonriver operates as a blockchain.

The Moonbeam foundation, which is a partner in the Zoombies project is a hopeful development in the blockchain space and has recently developed a well-matched Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) blockchain that runs on Kusama.

In simple words, the Zoombies service centers act as a foundation for the Zoom economy. In this true economy, players will face real costs and a great possibility for earnings while they participate in the interactive gameplay. After the users engage with a variety of service centers, they will be faced with different rules. This is a possibility due to the launch of the Zoombies NFTs on Kauma Moonriver on 1st September 2021. 

Currently, the minting application is live. This is acting as the first step in a series of future developments. Just by entering the shop, all the users cab mint unique limited-edition NFTs and burn ZOOM tokens in a wager-loke system.

Whereas, on the development side, Cardinal Entertainment has announced that the Zoombies NFT Market for adults. Also, Zoombies NFT garden and plots will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2021. This would be a customizable NFT auction tailored specially for the ZOOM economy.

Other developments also include Zoombies battle arena and services for managing collections and trading in 2022.

                        Creating an infinite universe

The building of an infinite universe boils down to the subsystem and super-systems built on this foundation. This will help to bring together the limitless power of a number of minds working to achieve a common goal.

When we talk about the development currently made towards the achievement of this goal, a member from their team shares,

“Since development on Zoombies began in 2017, our goal has been to build an infinite universe of collectible NFTs that continue to deepen in value to their holders over time through the building of an NFT service layer for autonomous on-chain data consumption.”

As a result, the team calls for new ideas and provides additional support. This is done to support strategic partners to bring these concepts alive.

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