The Dogs of Elon Airdrop: Celebration for all the moonshot traders


Dogs of Elon are airdropping 150 NFTs worth $600K to 150 winners

Dogs of Elon is an NFT for moonshot traders as an alternative

What are Dogs of Elon (DOE)?

DoE is a purposeful venture attempted to make a CryptoPunks elective that addressed us, the meme coin hoarders. The force of the meme coin community and its capacity to reliably oppose the specialists has been largely witnessed lately. In festival of the meme currency lords, 10,000 remarkable NFTs highlighting the special one K-9, with exceptional sub-assortments containing 30 unique Elon’s and 70 zombies Doges have been made. As a festival of the most grounded networks in crypto, the DoE NFTs can be marked to procure $renDOGE and $SHIB, $DOE for a brief period. (Each kept NFT will approach one offer in this restricted time pool).

What is $DOE?

$DOE is a community centred, DeFi digital currency token, and the ally to the Dogs of Elon NFTs. $DOE can be marked to inactively procure more $DOE, renDOGE and $SHIB. $doe is the powerful ERC-20 that fuels the ecosystem.


Max Supply: 1,000,000,000

Team allocation: 2.5% Locked for 5 years

Locked Incentives: 7.5% Locked

Staking Rewards: 30% Locked

Pre-sale price: 0.000012 ETH

Pre-sale allocation: 15%

Liquidity: 15% Locked LP

CEX allocation: 30% Reserved LP

Token Safety

To guarantee safety the $DOE token agreement and the Dogs Of Elon NFT contract is audited by CertiK. The $DOE contract doesn’t contain any possibly perilous code like mint functions, for example The stockpile is fixed at 1,000,000,000 $DOE. Moreover, whenever stored marking awards in the pools is done, ownership will be revoked for the contract, guaranteeing rewards can’t be withdrawn or modified.

About the Airdrop:

Dogs of Elon is airdropping $DOE partnering with CoinMarketCap. The total airdrop amount is 150 NFTs which will be available to 150 winners. The airdrop will end in 12 days that is on 20th of November.

How to participate?

  • Go to website (gallery)
  • Go to
  • Search for Dogs of Elon (DOE)
  • Add Dogs of Elon (DOE) to your CoinMarketCap watchlist
  • Follow DOE Twitter account and TeamSeas Twitter account
  • Follow CoinMarketCap Twitter account
  • Like & Retweet Tweet
  • Join DOE telegram group
  • Join DOE telegram channel
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