Dragon Kart Airdrop: Your NFT Weapon Box


  • NFT Weapon Box X Dragon Kart Airdrop consists of 200 NFTs available to 200 winners.
  • Dragon Kart is the first 3D Play-to-Earn Battle Racing game built on Binance Smart Chain.
  • Weapon Box is a box of weapons that will be opened randomly, including 8 types: Haste, Fire, Ice, Thunder, Ultima, Fog, Magnet, Reflect.

What is Dragon Kart?

Dragon Kart is a 3D racing e-sport game based on the Blockchain stage. The characters in the game taken from a Pikalong series by a Vietnamese notable craftsman named Thang Fly. Players can take an interest in sensational races. Further utilizing their better driving abilities and earn different prizes and tokens from hard-procured triumphs. Moreover, on each track there will be “mystery boxes” with which members will be permitted to get another weapon to assist with acquiring a benefit and dominate races.

It’s central goal isn’t simply to make an e-sport game however a stage game that associates crypto computerized resource proprietors with gamers and streamers. These three parts will make a sustainable system that makes gaming, digital asset possession, and in-game trade renowned all throughout the planet.

What is $KART coin/token?

The local cryptographically-got fungible token of Dragon Kart, Kart Coin (ticker image $KART), is an adaptable portrayal of credited utility capacities determined in the convention. $KART is a practical multi-utility symbolic which will be utilized as the mode of trade between members on Dragon Kart in a decentralized way. The objective of acquainting $KART is with give an advantageous and secure method of instalment and repayment between members who associate inside the ecosystem on Dragon Kart. It is not expected to be, a mechanism of trade acknowledged by the general population as instalment for labour and products or for the release of an obligation. Neither is it planned or planned to be utilized by any individual as instalment for any labour and products at all that are not only given by the backer.

Dragon Kart makes a commercial centre where players can purchase and sell in-game characters and things. Commercial centre is based on Binance Smart Chain giving quick exchange and low exchange costs, permitting players to openly exchange their resources.

The arrangement of in-game things like characters, Kart (vehicles), adornments are all NFTs. The NFTs in the game are created dependent on the BEP-721 standard which is the most famous NFT standard. These NFT things are the property of the player and they have full command over those NFTs in the trade and acquisition of NFT things on the Marketplace.


NameDragon Kart Token
Private sale price0.08$
Public sale price0.160$
Raised Cap1,760,000$
Total Supply 100,000,000

About the Airdrop:

Contract Address: KART  0x8bdd8dbcbdf0c066ca5f3286d33673aa7a553c10

Dragon Kart X NFT Weapon Box is airdropping 200 NFTs to 200 winners

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