Fight of the age Airdrop: Own Valuable digital Assets


  • FOTA is airdropping 5000 NFTs worth $100,000 to 5000 winners.
  • Not only delivering the best 3D-game experience, FOTA also empowers its players to roleplay and make their characters exclusively theirs in this fantasy world. 

What is Fight of the Age (FOTA)?

FOTA is a Triple-A MOBA Game task possessed by Meta DJINN PTE.LTD, with a dream universe occupied by many races all through the universe. In the realm of FOTA, NFT Technology is advanced with the goal that clients can feel the chance of possessing important computerized resources during the excursion. Something beyond a MOBA game stage, the advancement group has likewise presented financial components and majority rules systems through the DAO. With the end goal of transforming this Metaverse stage into a perpetually sensible universe that coordinates Microsoft Mesh (a Microsoft Corporation stage spearheading in making the most vivid Metaverse experience.)


During the time of The Unity Saga, FOTA permits players to overcome 30 grounds on 3 distinct planets at the Greenland, the Earth, and the Nightmare. Each land will turn into an interesting NFT resource. At the point when players can possess their own Clan, they will be qualified for hold one comparing NFT Land and get 1% of the benefits from that land. Likewise, NFT Landowners are permitted to sell or lease that land with individuals from their own Clan.

The FOTA Marketplace is a decentralized trade stage that permits players to straightforwardly exchange and lease NFTs with one another, including straightforwardly preparing abilities for legends and things from the Common level to more significant levels.


With a Total Max Supply of 700.000.000 FOTA, the Total circulating supply will increase based on the system’s mining features.

About the airdrop and How to Participate

FOTA is airdropping a total amount of 5000 NFTs to 5000 winners. The airdrop is worth a total of $100,000. Here’s a guide on how you can participate in this airdrop:

1 – Add FOTA to your CoinMarketCap watchlist:

2 – Follow Binance Labs Fund’s official Twitter account:

3 – Follow FOTA’s official Twitter account:

4 – Follow CEO of FOTA’s official Twitter account:

5 – Follow CTO of FOTA’s official Twitter account:

6 – Follow CPO of FOTA’s official Twitter account:

7 – Like and retweet the FOTA x CoinMarketCap Airdrop Tweet, pinned on Twitter and tag at least 3 of your friends while using the hashtags #FOTA #Metaverse #MicrosoftMesh

8 – Join FOTA’s Telegram group:

9 – Join FOTA’s Telegram channel:

10 – Join FOTA’s Discord server:

11 – Subscribe FOTA’s YouTube Channel:

12 – Follow FOTA’s official Facebook Fan page:

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