Gamer Coin Airdrop: Earn rewards for sharing excess computing power.


  • GamerHash is a fully functional platform, launched in November 2017, with over 430.000 registered users worldwide.
  • GamerHash is airdropping Gamer coin in a total amount of 650,000 GHX to 2500 winners. The total worth of the airdrop is $50,000.

What is GamerHash?

The principal motivation behind GamerHash is to remunerate clients for sharing abundance figuring power. Just when work areas or PCs are utilized for playing graphically-requesting games (e.g., the Control or Call of Duty Modern Warfare) or process serious applications, do they utilize practically 100% of the potential, however it is essential to realize that a normal client on utilizes 15% of their accessible figuring power.

At present, the leftover inactive power can be involved GamerHash for cryptographic money mining, consequently the association with blockchain; later on, since the interest for processing influence is on the ascent, better approaches for adapting the influence will be offered – like offering it to investigate foundations or saving the world. The prizes accessible in the GamerHash Store come in various shapes and sizes to oblige an assortment of clients’ requirements. Gamers might browse a wide assortment of most recent games, Steam keys and in-game monetary standards.

Clients are given various retail gift vouchers to well known on the web and disconnected stores. Youngsters may be keen on items like Google Play, telecom top-ups or a container of Coca Cola from a neighbourhood shop. Digital money lover might decide to be compensated in Bitcoins. For film or music fans, Netflix or Spotify vouchers are provided. The pool of remunerations is developing relatively to the quantity of clients, with new items being added to the store. Any client, regardless of whether non-specialized or educated, may involve the stage without hardly lifting a finger as utilizing some other site or application.

Gamer coin (GHX)

GamerCoins (GHX) will be given and kept up with in ERC-20 norm. Ethereum blockchain is more appropriate for micropayments than some other well-known blockchains. Likewise offers shrewd agreements execution which is in extent of our further stage advancement. The Ethereum savvy contracts are straightforward and straightforward, though exchanges are modest and quick – with affirmation inside 15 seconds. We construct a device to the whole biological system for upper hand over others. In the following stages of task development there are plans to somewhat or completely relocate to other blockchains, with exceptional spotlight on own convention. That would permit GamerHash project and blockchain layer to perform better and quicker and would carry critical improvement to our clients.

About the Airdrop

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3 – Complete the task: Like and retweet the GamerHash pinned Airdrop Tweet on Tag at least 3 of your friends while using the hashtags #Gamercoin #GamerHash

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